Overwatch betting tips: The FPS with a bit of RPG you bet for

Overwatch is an FPS game that changed the rules when it came to the market. People were amazed at what it brought to the gaming sector, and when talking about betting, there are a lot of things that can be used to take advantage of this. So, in case you are looking to bet, this Overwatch betting tips section is a great place to get started.

Esports betting markets & Overwatch odds

If you are looking forward to making a bet, there are things that need to be taken into account. For example, betting markets are always a thing that will wake people’s interest because that way they will know which one is the best choice they can make.

Also, there are a lot of sites that offer different odds and markets. Is not something that always stays the same, and this will help you out when trying to choose what and where you will bet.

Overwatch betting markets go as far as an average FPS would, you get to bet on rounds, kills, maps, and more. But there is more than the usual as well. Besides betting on the outright winner of a match, this game title has some special characteristics such as choosing characters based on their unique team-up skills, making character picking a betting option in some bookmakers.

Which takes us to the odds. If you are looking for some competitive Overwatch betting odds, you should try secure sites such as Luckbox and Betway. But we will talk more about how to pick a site next:

What makes a good Overwatch betting site?

A good site is not only determined for years of experience. When you are looking for a place to bet you need to focus on a lot of different things to choose the best site. So, before getting to our main Overwatch betting tips, consider these features on your esports bookmakers:

Bonuses and promotions

Bonuses and promotions are quite important as they represent a chance to improve your earnings. The first thing that you will need to focus on when looking for a site should be the welcome bonus. For example, sites like GG.bet and Buff.bet offer matching deposit bonuses to new players, giving up to 100$ and 200$ respectively for betting on overwatch.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that bonuses are usually attached to important conditions for both use and withdrawal. So, don’t fall in love with a bonus before checking the small print first.

Competitive odds

As we already mentioned before, there are a lot of betting sites that people can find on the internet. But, all the odds tend to vary as the pages have what people could consider being a system to get the final result.

So, if you are looking for a website to bet on, then you should be looking for different sites that will provide you with the best odds. This will make people analyze where they can bet and how much earning they will get depending on the odds a site provides.

Usually, we find that Luckbox and Betway offer the best odds for betting in most esports. Both sites offer realistic result-based algorithms when calculating their odds, which is important, while also leaving enough space for chip earnings on safe bets.

Payment methods

Payment methods have been changing a lot and they have increased in a way that people can choose which one is the best option for them.

There are a lot of websites that now accept traditional payment methods, like bank transfers or credit cards. But, as time has evolved people now can find that there are a lot of payment methods like PayPal, cryptocurrencies, Skrill, among many others. This is something that you must consider when choosing a betting site.

Live betting and traditional gambling

There are a lot of people that want to bet on a lot of different things. You will get the chance to analyze how many options are for betting, and one of those it’s definitely the live betting option.

But, you also need to think about traditional gambling. While live betting has taken more fame to people, traditional gambling it’s still a thing. Pre-match betting will always be a thing so you need to take into account how good this is when thinking about choosing a page.

Overwatch betting tips

Overwatch betting tips

As there are a lot of things that we need to think about when betting on esports, try to checkmark this list of overwatch betting tips and you will surely get better results.

Know the players and team

This is a rule in every single game. You will need to know who plays and focus on studying players’ and overall team performance as it will be a key indicator for your bet.

Furthermore, you should aim to follow news channels and more informational content about the players; keeping them on social media is also a good idea as you never know who may have his personal life affecting his gameplay.

Don’t go against the overall odds

Going against the odds will grant you a lot more earnings when you win a bet. Nevertheless, it also implies fewer statistical chances of you winning anything. The trick here is to go back and forward.

You should keep big betting markets in favor of the odds (the major number of kills, outright winner, round winner, etc.) while you also get specific betting markets such as first kill, in-game events, and character picks against the odds. If you go for live betting, you can even play the round-winner bets in your favor against the odds.

Learn how the game works

As there are a lot of characters people will have the chance to pick, people who are always betting needs to evaluate this as it will be a key factor for bets. It’s not completely necessary that you learn how every character works, but you do need to know how some of them do.

That way you will know the pros and cons of each team and player, and that way you will have the chance to make a safer bet.

Is really worth betting on Overwatch?

With over 40 million active players, one of the best esports scenes, and a living FPS that has some RPG elements adding adrenaline to the battlefield, Overwatch betting is a great experience to tackle. But don’t believe me, check the odds and try our yourself!