PGL Major Stockholm 2021 Predictions & Betting Tips

Posted on October 22, 2021 - Last Updated on May 31, 2023

The PGL Major Stockholm 2021 is getting closer and you don’t want to step in without some good predictions in your favour. This year’s tournament is packed with potential winners from CIS and Europe regions! So, anything can happen as both leading regions of the CSGO field are basically contending for the final trophy before the Blast Premier.

About the PGL Major Stockholm 2021

The PGL Major will be in Stockholm this year, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. The Avicii Arena has been chosen again as the venue of one of the most important esports events as this CSGO tournament is classified as S-Tier.

Moving on, the prize pool has been set at 2 million USD! This is a great incentive and puts CSGO majors in the field of most recent esports titans when it comes to prizes.

About Date and Format

The tournament is set to start on October 26th and finish on November 7th. 24 formidable teams coming from prior tournaments, qualifiers, and ranking invitations are here to measure their playing until one team emerges victorious.

The format is a bit more complex than usual though.

  • First, the bottom 16 teams will be decimated in a Swiss System Format, where elimination matches are set at a Best of 3 format. This would be the New Challengers Stage.
  • Then, comes the New Legends Stage, once again, a Swiss System Format is used to wipe the bottom 8 teams, leaving 16 teams in total to fight for the tournament.
  • Finally, the New Champions Stage will measure the best 16 teams in a single-elimination bracket where CSGO odds will be your best friends for esports betting.

 Who will win the PGL Major Stockholm 2021?

To know the most probable winner we may first want to take a good look at the odds. Here, is a list with the odds offered by which has pretty much good profitable odds for most top-tier tournaments.

PGL Major Stockholm 2021

As you see, the expected favourite to win the tournament based on odds is Natus Vincere. But, odds are not the only factor to keep in mind and PGL includes most of the best CSGO teams available. For example, we would need to take a look at the major teams’ behaviour in the last seasons.

Natus Vincere

NaVi is the favourite to win the event overall, so, considering them is the easiest deal, as well as the less-profiting bet.

On the other hand, while odds go in their favour this also happens with recent records. Natus Vincere is led by the coach B1ad3 and has a pretty much nice overall lineup with S1mple and Electronic sustaining the recent additions of B1t and Perfecto.

As for their recent record, NaVi had a great performance in the Blast Premiere last year, followed by amazing gaming in early 2021 with the Spring Season. The team has also been in the top 3 spots in most tournaments they participated in during the year.

Team Gambit

With 6.00 odds you may want to bet on gambit and expect the best. These are great odds for a second-chance winner. Nevertheless, odds have that gap for a reason.

While the best players of the team have shown great potential throughout the year, there is still a fresh team with not as much experience in the top-tier tournaments. You may expect gambit to be near the finals, but expecting them to win over NaVi or Team Vitality is a hard bet.

Team Vitality

Even though Team Vitality had a great 2020, their early 2021 performance isn’t their best so far. So, odds may not look good for them, but this team has shown that taking them for granted is a great mistake.

Unlike NaVi and Gambit, Vitality relies too much on their top player ZywOo, but this hasn’t stopped the team from hardstucking their opponents and getting a win when ZywOo has a low day.

While their recent record does not deserve to be highlighted, Vitality still has chances of winning this if they focus. So, consider them as your underdog bet for the outright winner, or an unsafer finalist bet instead of Gambit.

PGL Major Stockholm 2021

Where to apply your PGL Major betting tips?

As usual, we will recommend you to go for safe and licensed sites if you want to bet on your favourite esports teams. CSGO betting is better if you can actually win some cash back.

So, when looking for a site try to get nice betting markets, decent deposit and withdrawal methods, safety, and, if possible, a juicy event bonus.

Our picks would be to go to Betway, Bet365, or Luckbox. But there is plenty of other esports betting sites to look at.

To Sum Up

Natus Vincere has the best odds and some of the best CSGO Players available. So, as odds and recent records back them up, they are our safer PGL Major Stockholm prediction. Besides gaming, there is a lot to enjoy with this tournament! There will be major streaming events, in-game events for CSGO players and the nice PGL Major Stockholm 2021 stickers promo. Good luck!

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