PGL Major Stockholm 2021 stickers & Pick’Em event 2021

Posted on October 22, 2021

Whether you are in for esports betting or not, in-game events are one of the best parts of esports major events, and this year’s PGL Major Stockholm 2021 stickers are a great example of how Valve loves keeping fans a tone.

The recent CSGO update has added a nice bunch of PGL Major themed content for regular CSGO players who want to extra enjoy the major tournaments even when their ranks are below the tops. So, take a good look at what we get here and find out how to take the most advantage out of this great event!

As expected, all participant teams stickers have been released with this patch, yet the players’ signatures will be on only after the event is over. And, this time, only the 8 teams from the playoffs will be giving out their signatures.

PGL Major Stockholm 2021 stickers & Pick’em challenge

Can you guess who will win the PGL Major? If you do then try out the Pick’Em event where you can aim to guess the winners at each stage to get some in-game rewards at the end of the event.

If you are not sure about who will win, visit our PGL Major Stockholm 2021 predictions and get some boosted intel about the tournament results, odds, and how the best teams have been playing recently.

PGL Major pass

The PGL Pass has some event-worthy rewards, so, consider checking it out before the tournament ends:

  • Access to the Pick’Em game
  • Stockholm 2021 event coin
  • Unlimited Team Graffiti (Until the event ends)
  • Access to Tournament Souvenir Packages

Besides the Major Pass, you can also take the Viewer Pass, which has, besides the gifts we mentioned before, the Stam.TV Team Flair and Team Stickers and Patches are available for purchase.

PGL Major Stockholm 2021 stickers

How much does the PGL Pass cost?

While you need the pass to access the PGL Major Stockholm 2021 stickers and Pick’em challenge, the price is not as high as the benefits offered.

The Viewers pass (The expensive one) has a price of 18$ with 3 souvenir tokens, while you can buy the PGL regular viewer pass at 10$.

Are you ready for the CSGO Major?

The major event comes charged with a 2 Million USD prize and several great deals of fun for regular players. You can watch the event with the pass or even access streaming platforms or Live Betting platforms for CSGO to enjoy the battles on your screen! So, keep up and support your favourite teams!



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