What Platforms Should Esports Content Creators Focus On?

Posted on June 16, 2021

Most esports content creators use all kinds of platforms to produce, upload, and promote their content, but almost all content creators do it incorrectly.

If so many are doing it wrong, then what platforms should esports content creators focus on, instead?

Different Social Platforms Esports Content Creators Can Use

Here’s a rule of thumb before I tell you which platforms you should focus on:

The platform you pick only attributes 20% of the success you can have. What you do with it represents the other 80%.

Now it’s time to talk about the platforms:

YouTube: Most gaming influencers have started their career here. There are a lot of reasons for that. For you, leveraging keywords, thumbnails, and playlists may work.

Twitch: While you can make a career with the video-only format, viewers start to get accustomed to the intimacy of live streaming (and Twitch is the best place for that).

Facebook: There’s also a live streaming platform inside called Facebook Gaming but the really powerful and untapped opportunity is on its Groups and Ads (when done right).

Twitter: This is the total opposite of the previously mentioned. To grow, you’ll have to say the most, in the least amount of words or seconds, with short clips.

Instagram: Words sometimes fall short. Instagram is the place where visually talented esports content creators can show what they’re capable of.

TikTok: Their creators took the visual appealing to the next level. Your esports content can shine its brightest among all the dance videos floating around.

Clubhouse: Those who don’t enjoy photos or videos as much probably enjoy the audio format. If you have interesting, knowledgeable, or have funny things to say, then give it a try.

Now that we mentioned them all, you must understand that they all work if you respect the platforms (who gathers in there and why).

So, you need to create something that educates and entertains. Also, to network with others around your space (doesn’t matter if it is virtual) and engage with your audience.

Which Platform Is The Best to Help Esports Content Creators Make Money

A lot of esports content creators have asked this question before and maybe you’ve done it as well.

What I said in the previous sub-title also applies to this one: You can monetize with the help of every platform that exists, in or outside of it.

For example, there are native monetization models such as Ad Revenue and Donations as well as business models you can apply by driving your audience from these platforms to outside:

  • Merchandise,
  • Affiliate Marketing,
  • Professional Services,
  • Memberships,

and the list goes on…

Focus on choosing one platform that you understand or you have a great feeling about. Learn about it and put it into practice… No matter which one it is, I guarantee you’ll end up making money if you focus on giving exactly what others want.

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