RNG vs FPX – Who will win LPL Spring 2021?

Posted on April 15, 2021

While the semifinal result was probably unsurprising, the final match of the LPL Spring 2021 being RNG vs FPX is probably one of the hardest ones to bet on the esports scene so far in 2021. So, following we are going to give you some predictions, LoL betting tips, and head-ups to make your odds better!


FunPlus Phoenix vs Royal Never Give Up – Who will win?

As for the outright winner, FPX is the favorite at least when it comes to odds. But it wouldn’t be the first time that these 2 teams face each other in the rift and the lower odds turn out as winners.

Anyhow, FunPlus Phoenix vs Royal Never Give Up matches are usually great to see, and taking a look at the odds we may consider that sites such as GG.bet are taking into account the Playoff’s match as the base for calculating the odds. Keep in mind that only a few days ago FPX won the match on a 3-0 basis.

To sum up, our pick for winning is still FPX, but it is probably going to be a close match.

Outright winner odds by esports bookmaker:

  FunPlus Phoenix Royal Never Give up
Buff.bet 1,39 2,84
GG.bet 1,44 2,66
Bet365 1,44 2,62


Other bets to apply for the RNG vs FPX final

Betting on map duration just below 30 minutes is a good idea. While FPX is a truly aggressive team focused on lane positioning and a huge amount of solo-playing, RNG is quite the opposite. RNG’s overall strategy is mainly defensive, they do a lot of under-tower work and keep the jungle as a priority before rushing to any team fights, making them a “tanky” rival to beat.

As for the number of kills, consider giving high numbers to Nuguri and Bo from FPX; on the other hand, RNG paired players are quite dangerous, Gala and Ming may guarantee the biggest killing spree to the team if left unchained. So, we would probably give the most kills bet to RNG, despite FPX being the favorite outright winner.

Where to bet?

We already named our favorite esports betting sites above, nevertheless, breaking down the options you should try them depending on your experience on the game.

To break this trough, Buff.bet offers fewer betting options, but has some competitive odds, giving the surprise win of RNG an extra push with 2,84 odds. As for the betting options, you get to place your money on the total maps played, map advantage, and map winner variants.

GG.bet has additions to the aforementioned, allowing you to place bets on Map handicap, odd/even maps, correct score, and each map first blood, dragon, tower, and Baron, total towers and kills, total kills by team, and even the type of the first dragon to appear.

Bet 365 is just in the middle of these 2 when it comes to betting options, as you can access first blood, dragon, tower, and Baron, along with map winners and handicaps.

In the end, it is up to you. What we can say for sure is that the LPL Spring 2021 final will be a match to remember.

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