Rust Betting Tips & Gambling Strategies: Our Guide for bettors

Are you ready for some RUST Betting Tips? Placing bets on Rust is taking fame lately, so we decided to dive into it a bit! This video game is growing more and more, and there is no stopping it, it is still on the rise. Bookmakers have turned this opportunity of growth and increase in popularity into a synonym of money.

You can get a share too and have some fun with some rust betting tips, on how and where to bet. In addition to tell you a little about the rust gambling strategy. And what are the best rust betting sites.

Why bet on Rust?

There are many reasons why you should start betting on Rust. The main one is that you can generate a lot of money with this game, plus you can get great rewards such as prizes and bonuses. Especially this is received by players who have great gambling skills.  This is a growing trend and the best thing to do is to bet on esports.

Rust has become one of the most popular games in the entire esports market, with a total of 77,978 active daily players. Some tournaments pay according to the amount of RaidCards obtained, the player who accumulates the most RaidCards is the winner. Rewards of thousands of dollars are usually obtained for these tournaments.

Rust Betting Tips: Betting Markets

We will give you some esports betting tips. What you should mainly take into account are the odds that exist within esports tournaments.

Unlike other esports, the odds in Rust are much higher, which increases the possibility of winning much more money. Currently dozens of tournaments are held annually, where hundreds of professional players participate, including famous streamers and youtubers. You will learn which are the best rust betting tips.

There are several ways to bet, such as betting on tournament winners; this being the simplest form of betting, where even a novice would be able to win in esports.

You can also bet on Handicap; known as one of the most complicated bets, it is recommended to have a certain level of experience.

Another interesting way of betting is the specialized market, where you bet according to a specific characteristic, such as the final score, the number of kills, a number of items, among others. Nevertheless, keep in mind that Rust is not an usual FPS, but rather a survival game.

Rust Betting tips

In Rust, players have to gather resources, create bases, and manage to keep their character well feed in order to survive. The usual way the game goes is opening a server and letting a limited number of people to join, grow, build, and then kill each other.

So, consider these tips in order to bet on TF2 without the chaos taking your cash away:

  • In TF2 the early game is crucial; if a player stays in the open too much, he is as good as dead.
  • Crates and barrels are the main source of material for weapons; that guy who went for the barrel as soon as he built housing has better chances now than anyone else.
  • Base location can play against you; If a player built his hose in a downhill or within a forest, he better be ready for an ambush.
  • FPS skills are gold in the late game. A great player coming from major FPS teams has more chances with a bow and arrow than a regular player with a gun, background check players before betting.

Rust Betting Tips

The Best Rust Tournaments

Thousands of tournaments can be found on the Internet, but few are the ones that stand out. Some of them offer very low rewards, but others have a very high prize pool, up to $200,000 USD. Such is the case of the successful “TRUST IN RUST” streamers tournament, held in a live event in February 2021. This tournament had a charitable purpose, where the winner won $207,310 USD for a foundation.

Rust’s Best Teams & Players

The truth is that the number of players that Rust has is incredible, and along with it, there are more and more professional players who specialize in techniques to be the best in the game, practicing for hours and demonstrating it in each tournament.

A short list of the most recognized players on YouTube, are:

  • Mike the Vike.
  • AquaFPS.
  • Trausi.
  • Bumbo.
  • LOLOUTftw.
  • DeanCentral.
  • Oblivion HD.
  • Twisited.

Where to bet in Rust?

Something you should keep in mind when betting, is that you should do it responsibly and on a site that is verified, that is, that has a high security, in order to avoid scams and also to avoid wasting money and time. Sadly, reliable esports bookmakers are still not offering the game.

While there are some skin gambling sites available, give the fact that RUST skins are 100% tradeable, there is no warranty over them as these are not regulated. On the other hand, legal esports betting sites will probably take their share of this market sooner than later; especially considering that FaZe Clan is joining the game, as well as other great esports pro teams.