Is CS Money legit?

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CS Money is in short, somewhat safe; with the rise of a lot of esports betting sites, exchanges, and sales of CSGO content, a lot of uncertainty has been created around them. That is why before entering a platform where CSGO money is exchanged, you should get a bit of information beforehand.

How does CS.Money work?

Unlike a lot of other sites nowadays that work as a betting site, CS Money has its working system completely different from the others.

From the moment you enter the site, it announces that it works through a bot that is in charge of exchanging players’ skins. But the site not only accepts skins exchanges but also allows players to sell skins for real money.

In addition to that, there is a very interesting section within the site: The CS Money skin builder that despite being in a beta version allows players to create all kinds of skins and try all the weapons in the game in a matter of seconds.

Finally, we have the store. Within it you can get a lot of CS:GO items that can be purchased with real money at a cheaper price than the game.

Is CS Money Legit

Services offered by CS.Money

CS.Money offers several services for betting and exchanging values from your Steam Account. These are the following:

Skins exchange

One of the most striking services of the platform is that of exchanging skins. People who do this must authorize the platform to connect to their Steam account.

Once inside the exchange section, people will be able to see the value of their skins and see what kind of deal they can get with the exchange rates the platform offers for their skins.

In addition to skins, you can get stickers for weapons so it is considered a pretty complete service.

Sale and purchase of skins

The second service, which in turn is one of the most attractive for many people, is to buy skins within the page. Something that should be taken into account is that CSGO skin gambling is not allowed within the platform since it is not a casino.

This service has gained so much fame because the platform allows players to buy all kinds of skins using real money but with the caveat that the value is much lower than what could be obtained within the game.

In addition to that, it also allows players to sell their skins with the help of the platform. The process is similar to that of exchanges since you must connect to your Steam account to be able to access the inventory and thus place the skins you want for sale.

However, the platform has a problem and that is that there is no regulation with the prices, so several of them could be considerably high, especially the rarest skins in the game.

Direct access to the Wiki

Once a person accesses the platform and is interested in one skin, they can get more information about it through a simple click. This will take them to the CS Money Wiki where they will be able to get all the necessary information to know in depth the skin they want to exchange or buy.

Is CS.Money legit?

Many doubts have arisen about the legality of this type of platform. These scandals have gained more fame after sites such as CSGOEmpire had different problems with their legal permissions.

An analysis of different sites such as Trustpilot shows a fairly high score of legality in terms of the use of CS.Money, but this does not make it entirely clear. The main problem comes from the lack of licenses.

The most you can get within the platform is an anti-scam service, but there is not much more to ensure people have a safe exchange, which is very different from what you can get in CSGO casino where security is the main factor to take into account.

That is why the question is CS.Money legit cannot be fully answered. For us, it is better to opt for other betting sites that are fully regulated for greater security. Thus, you should always aim for a site that posses a valid license and is legally active in your country.

In this regard, US players may find good deals at Unikrn or find Draftkings as esports funding and betting alternatives, while in other countries sites such as Betway and GG.Bet are the safest bets. Next we talk more about this. skin trade sell buy

Regulated CS:GO Gambling Sites

As the game has gained fame, more and more platforms have seen the light of day in the current market. But, of these, only a few have the privilege of having all the necessary licenses to operate in different territories.

CS:GO Gambling Sites in Europe

The safest option for those who wish to gamble within Europe can be either Betway or Luckbox, both of which have a fairly high reputation and legality. Besides, we can mention as another alternative platform.

CS:GO Gambling Sites in Asia

Asia is one of the giants as far as gambling is concerned in the current market. For that continent the safest option of all is

CS:GO Gambling Sites in USA

The USA is one of the main countries where betting is at its peak at all times. That is why DraftKings, created within this territory, has sought to position itself as the safest option within the USA to bet.

CS.Money FAQs

No. Individuals cannot bet within CS.Money, nor can you get CSGO betting tips within the platform. For betting, we recommend going to sites like Betway,, and DraftKings depending on where you live.

The CS Money wiki is used by people to learn more about the skins they have. They can learn more about their value, age, among many other things by logging into the wiki.

No. CS.Money does not have any kind of regulation. On the other hand, working as an exchange it may be working illegally in certain countries that regulate this type of activity.

The only payment methods accepted by the platform at the moment are Visa, MasterCard and G2A Pay. The platform lacks methods such as bank transfers and leading eWallets; this is also a reason why we can´t fully recommend this platform.