Dmarket Rust

A skin catalogue to profit your gaming

As you may assume, the Dmarket Rust skins collection isn’t as large as expected when compared with the Dmarket Dota 2 or Dmarket TF2 sections. Nevertheless, the site still has plenty of good skins that you can access and has a tempting user pool that will make it easier to safely sell your skins as you progress.

Dmarket is not a betting platform, so, to clear this out, this is a site where you can trade your skins coming from games such as Rust, TF2, CSGO, and Dota 2. You can check our Dmarket Review to get further details about the platform, but here we will tell you how it works:

Selling your Dmarket Rust skins

If you want to sell rust items at Dmarket, you need to first register, verify, and log in to your account. Then, you are asked to link your Steam account to the Dmarket account to be able to access your Steam locker.

Once you do this, you can simply put your digital assets in Rust for sale. Keep in mind that there are various ways to sell your stuff at Dmarket, for example, you can opt for the Fae2Face selling mode in which the items are kept in your locker until a buyer shows up.

This way, you can keep using your skins even when they are on sale.

Now, as for the process, all you have to do is:

Click on the “Sell now” button

Set the item information on the next window

Click the pop up that says “Accept transactions on Steam”

For Face2Face sales

On the other hand, if you want to keep using your skins until a buyer appears then you’d need to apply for the Face2Face option.

Not all accounts can use this feature as this requires the site to trust you a bit more. This mode requires higher security so it works by using an API code generated by Dmarket. Note that you may get a message of “suspicious operation” from Steam, but this is normal.

Dmarket Rust

Which skins can I find on Dmarket Rust Catalogue?

As Rust itself doesn’t have too many skins options there is a few you can find here as well. Nevertheless, you can get several masks, boomerang, and machinegun skins ranging from 60$ to 300$ in price.

How to buy at Dmarket

Buying at Dmarket is a whole other experience. Here all you need to do is select the skin you wish to purchase, login to your account, fund your account, and accept the terms of the purchase. In all cases, buying from the Dmarket Rust catalogue has a trick, the same skin can have different prices.

So, check out the item and the price of different sellers before buying. Keep in mind that the skin is going to be the same all the time so saving some bucks is not a bad idea.

To Sum Up

While Dmarket is not a place fur Rust Betting, you can access it to make some extra cash out of your own gaming. Payment methods are not bad, site policies seem fair, and the overall stock isn’t impressive but looking at Dmarket TF2 variety, it may improve with time.