Faceit Elo Ranking System

How does it work & how to rank up

What is FACEIT? Put simply, is a platform changing the way most gamers see the world at this moment. Thanks to a lot of new characteristics -Such as the FACEIT Anti Cheat-, this has become one of the most used apps in the last months. It even has its own FACEIT Elo ranking system, and we will tell you how it works.


What is FACEIT Elo?

The FACEIT Elo is a statistic that the website provides to players who have been active inside the platform and have played for a while. So, to sum up, the FACEIT Elo ranking system shows how good people are in a given game .

But, the FACEIT Elo has nothing to do with other Elo you might know about. For example, the Elo of League of Legends will not disturb the Elo you have inside FACEIT . This Elo system is the perfect way to separate different kinds of players, and it works pretty similarly to a leveling system.

This is something that you will only find in FACEIT and it only matters when you are inside the server.

How does the Elo work?

Well, if you are already used to Elo systems in other games, then you might know how this one works. If you haven’t been able to realize how does FACEIT Elo work, then keep reading.

You need to collect “points” to get to the next level, for saying it so. This is the way that most Elo systems around the playing scene work and it has been like that for a while now.

In FACEIT you will need to level up your account to face the pros because that is the main reason why the Elo system is used. This system will allow FACEIT to team you up with similar players, that way you will enjoy it more when playing.

Beware that your Elo is constantly changing. Every time you play a game, either way, you lose or win, it will change and you can get to a higher or lower position depending on the points you have at that moment.

Is quite easy to understand and you can see your Elo pretty easily on the FACEIT platform whenever you need it.

FACEIT Elo ranks

When you start playing on FACEIT you will need to get to the higher level if you want to have an incredible gaming experience alongside pro-players, FACEIT added 10 different levels that players can use to develop their gaming skills, each one has a different requirement to get to the next one.

The Elo Ranks regarding FACEIT rank points are:

  • Level 1: 1 – 800
  • Level 2: 801 – 950
  • Level 3: 951 – 1100
  • Level 4: 1101 – 1250
  • Level 5: 1251 – 1400
  • Level 6: 1401 – 1550
  • Level 7: 1551 – 1700
  • Level 8: 1701 – 1850
  • Level 9: 1851 – 2000
  • Level 10: 2001 +

As you can see, players have a long way to walk through before getting to the highest level inside FACEIT . Remember, each time you play the score you have inside the platform will change, and so will the score and level you have.

What FACEIT rank is Global Elite?

Being Global Elite seems like a big deal for CSGO players. Sadly, several Globals are still under FACEIT levels 4 and 5. This is why several players are opting for FACEIT Elo booster services.


How to check FACEIT Elo?

FACEIT has done quite a good job and they have made things easier for most players. All the tools they have are easy to use, and the Elo one is not an exception. So, for a simple sight, you can go straight to the FACEIT STATS page and submit your user. Or get more specific statistics following the next steps:

The first thing you need to have is a FACEIT account and you need to have the app working on your PC, whether it is on the website or downloaded on your desk.

Then, you will need to search for the Elo Graph option, with that option you will get access to the information you are looking for in the faceit rank checker.

This is something that you can use for your own statistics, but you can also use it to compare how good your friends are. You can also look at other players in this tool and compare their skills with yours in a pretty easy way that will take no time from you. Get to open an account and start boosting your skills, got to our FACEIT Review to know more.

Tips to get better

  • Avoid using the boosting system : If you do this, then you will have to play with more experienced people and it will ruin everyone’s experience in FACEIT Elo .
  • Play as much as you want: This is the only true and proper advice we can give to you. The more you play, the better you get and that’s a fact.
  • Play with friends that are better than you: Playing with a friend who’s better than you can be a good idea every once in a while. This way you can get the chance to improve your skills and learn from others.
  • Avoid losing streaks : If you think you are losing way too much, quit the game for a few hours, that way your score won’t suffer a lot.
  • Use the FACEIT enhancer: This Plugin is a useful tool to stay up-to-date with your account info and get greater performance overall.