FACEIT Enhancer

How does it work & why you should get it

FACEIT will try its best to change the way people see gaming, and they will do it by using the FACEIT Enhancer . We are going to tell you everything you need to know about it before using it. You can also get to know more about the whole FACEIT service with our FACEIT review.

FACEIT enhancer

What is it?

The FACEIT Enhancer is an extension created for Google Chrome to improve players’ experience while using FACEIT . It adds improving features that are easy to use and easy to understand by everyone who gets the Chrome extension.

If you try to download it on any other browser, you will not be able to use it, at least for now.

Is FACEIT Enhancer safe?

The first thing you need to know about FACEIT is that they are a vast company that Microsoft supports. This is enough to see that they are quite a safe company to use, but what about their apps?

The Enhancer is an extension we can find on the internet to use on our browser so it can, as the name says, enhance our playing with FACEIT . We know that sometimes extensions on the internet don’t always work or are sometimes created to take people’s information.

This is not the case with the FACEIT Enhancer. You can install it on your browser and start using it as soon as the extension is installed on your favorite browser. The extension has far shown that it is pretty safe to use and that it will keep growing and showing how much potential FACEIT has. Should also check the FACEIT anti cheat Program.

FACEIT Enhancer

How does FACEIT Enhancer work?

So far, we have to say that this tool has many features that are pretty useful for us. You can customize it as long as you want, and you just have to click on the extension in Google Chrome to use it.

As long as the extension is activated, you will get access to valuable data from other players from FACEIT that are also on the Enhancer platform, just like you. The features you get are:

  • Automatically ready up for matches
  • Automatically accepts party invites
  • See other players ELO and country where they are from
  • See ELO from other teams in match rooms
  • You’ll know how much ELO you will win or loose
  • You get access to players statistics of the last 20 matches they played

And there’s a lot more! We encourage you to use the Enhancer if you are a FACEIT user as this will help you escalate in the FACEIT ELO ranking system. This is particularly good for CSGO esports players.