Is Hellcase Legit?

Find out if your skins can be traded

If you’re looking for the best box opening and betting website, you’ve surely come across the well-known Hellcase. This platform stands out for covering high-demand eSports, such as Dota 2 and Counter-Strike. However, it’s important to be cautious, so surely, you’re wondering is Hellcase legit?

Congratulations! Because in this Hellcase review we will tell you if this box-opening platform is reliable for all users.

How does Hellcase work?

To find out if it is Hellcase legit, in the Hellcase review we will start with how it works. Hellcase has a very eye-catching interface that reflects any new user all the options for betting and playing.

For new users, Hellcase offers a welcome bonus, however, it is somewhat limiting, as the user must meet one condition: insert a promotional code from the same platform. This can be selected at the end of the registration process.

As for the working system, it announces that the players’ skins are exchanged by a bot, although the players themselves can sell these skins. The platform basically works like a Skin lottery.

Nevertheless, opening cases is not the only deal here; you can withdraw and exchange skins with other players + there are fun ways to get skins here, such as the Case Battle in which the most valuable case wins the items in the pot.

There are also a lot of ideal items such as CSGO skin gambling and other items for Hellcase CSGO. 

What services does Hellcase offer?

Continuing with this Hellcase review, it is necessary to highlight, in addition to its gaming system, what are the services offered by the platform, in addition to a bonus for new users and gifts given in daily raffles.

Hellcase is already known for offering games such as CSGO casino and esports, such as Dota 2. It even offers a Wheel of Fortune that benefits those who decide to fight in Counter-Strike.

This gambling and skin trading house also has support for skin trading, and even, buying and selling. In this way, users can benefit monetarily from Hellcase.

Is Hellcase Legit?

Among other services, this website offers a premium membership with plans ranging from $5 to $25 per month. By paying for the more expensive plan, you will be able to receive more bonuses. Obtaining one of these memberships will allow you to enjoy exclusive Hellcase support available all the time: 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Mini-games are also an attractive section of the Hellcase sections. In this case, we highlight the Mixxer option, the well-known wheel of fortune where you can create cases to earn a free bonus. Case Battle is another mini-game to win skins.

Like any betting platform, Hellcase supports time-limited events, where players can earn tokens that will benefit them to buy skins and other prizes.

Is Hellcase Legit?

Is Hellcase legit? Unfortunately, no. There is no Hellcase legit or with a license that guarantees its veracity at the time of transactions, exchanges, payments, bets, and other services. What has the support done to position it as one of the most used? Well, Hellcase scams assure that the site pays special attention to avoid scams, besides the Hellcase reviews give more security to the new users to register.

Despite the opinion of the users on the website, we do not recommend using this type of illegitimate website. Although Hellcase scams can be a guarantee to avoid losing your money to a scammer, it is better to play it safe. Although, the registration and use will depend on each person and if you decide to place your trust. It is best to look for alternatives that have a gaming license. If you are interested in finding and a safe platform for CSGO betting, there are several options that we will detail below.

Regulated gambling sites

If you prefer to ignore this Hellcase review and go to safe Counter-Strike skin trading sites, there are many options. Of course, this will depend on the region you are in:

  • CSGO betting site in Europe: if you are on the European continent, you can check out Betway or Luckbox. These platforms have a gaming license, as well as a clean and safe reputation. Bet is also among the most recommended.
  • CSGO betting site in Asia: for users in Asia, the safest option is GG.Bet. The millions of users in this continent always refer to this platform as the safest and easiest to use.
  • CSGO betting site in North America: the US zone can bet on DraftKings, a betting platform created in the USA.


Hellcase FAQ

Is Hellcase a regulated site?

No, nor does it have any sort of gaming license. Trading is done by a bot and some users may sell skins, but it is best to go to legitimate sites for betting and trading.

How to deposit and withdraw my money?

On Hellcase there are different methods for using real money, although there are not as general options as on other sites. Users can use G2A Pay, Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. If the payment is not deposited within 1 hour, you should contact support.

Does Hellcase have an app?

No, the platform is only available by browser; still, it runs ok in mobile devices.