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Unikrn Review

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Welcome to our Unikrn review where we will see what kinds of odds you can get for your favourite esports at one of the most exciting esports betting sites around. Our Unikrn review will show you what kinds of esports betting markets the brand covers, and we will tell you how easy it is to try some Unikrn esports betting. We will also cover the “is Unikrn legit” topic.

Most gaming fans will probably know all about the Unikrn esports platform. The Seattle-based betting site burst onto the scene in 2014 with high profile investors such as the movie star, Ashton Kutcher and the NBA team owner, Mark Cuban. Unikrn esports has also made waves in the cryptocurrency world with the Unikrn ICO garnering plenty of controversy through the introduction of the Unikrn coin.

Despite these headline-grabbing features, Unikrn basically aim to offer gaming fans an easy and safe way to try some real money gambling on their favourite esports. Our Unikrn review will take a look at everything from the brand’s bonus offer to their customer support facilities to let you know where Unikrn esports sits alongside other esports betting sites. All of which should help you work out whether you can turn your esports betting tips into Unikrn gold.

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Welcome bonuses for everyone

At the time of writing, there are two promotions running at Unikrn.

Unikrn Bonus for USA

First and foremost, we were provided a special Unikrn promo code “PLAYUSA”.

This promo code is exclusive for US citizens. As a matter of fact, even though Unikrn sportsbook is not available for the US punters, esports betting USA is now available as you can still bet on yourself with Unikrn UMode.

This bonus will provide you with $10 free to test UMode. On top of that, by depositing an additional $10, you can start betting on yourself with an additional $40 bonus, for a total of $60.


Sportsbook Welcome Bonus

As for the other countries that can use Unikrn sportsbook, not so long ago, Unikrn put in place a hefty welcome bonus that goes like this: 200% up to $300. Keep in mind that in order to activate this bonus, a minimum deposit of $150 has to be made.

Get rewarded with Unikrn Connekt

It is also worth noting that they have very interesting Connekt promotion. This looks to be a kind of reward package that gives you special benefits every time that you wager on your favourite esports.

The Connekt promotion doesn’t just give you chance to collect points to boost your profits, as you can also use the UMode to bet on yourself in a video gaming showdown. By doing this and using Unikrn gold, you can easily win everything from gaming skins to invitations to special esports tournaments. Whilst this might not completely make up for the lack of welcome bonus, it shows that Unikrn is willing to think outside the box when it comes to esports betting promotions.

Unikrn Bonus USA

BookmakerUnikrn Esportsbook
BUFF.bet Promo CodePLAYUSA
Bonus OfferFree $10
Min DepositNo deposits required
Wagering ConditionsNo wagering conditions

Esports Betting Markets

Plenty of CSGO betting options here

Whilst many traditional sports bookmakers have tried to jump on the esports bandwagon by giving you a handful of odds for the larger esports tournaments, it looks like Unikrn go way further than that. When we carried out this Unikrn review we found that the esports betting site had odds for CSGO competitions like BLAST Pro Series São PauloIEM Katowice, ESL Latin America League, United Masters League, NoxFire League, OGA Counter Pit, IEM Sydney and much more.

For a standard IEM CSGO match between the likes of Fnatic and Vici Gaming, you could look forward to taking a basic match winner bet, as well as some more interesting betting options like the total number of rounds, map one first pistol winner, and you could even try some handicap bets. All of which, shows that Unikrn gives you plenty of scope with your CSGO betting.

But CSGO is far from being the only esports covered.  Here you can play several FPS including CoD: Warzone, Fortnite (Arena & normal), PUBG (Including Mobile), and Halo 5. Which all have similar betting markets depending on the game and playing mode.

Furthermore, even though FPS and Battle Royale are the main fields of the house there are several betting markets for other esports available. Unikrn allows you to place bets in all League of Legends, Dota2, Starcraft 2, Teamfight Tactics, and Hearthstone. Having the most important games in the esports scene all covered.

Live stream your Unikrn in-play esports bets

Like many other esports betting sites, Unikrn have realised that all gamers love to bet live on their favourite games. As a result, you can easily take an in-play bet on a good amount of CSGO games, and Unikrn have made sure that this experience is as exciting as possible.

This means that Unikrn have been quick to install a live Twitch stream into the page for each live betting event so that you can adjust your bets in relation to the on-screen chaos. In addition to this, Unikrn also provide you with plenty of helpful match statistics and information about the past form of the relevant teams. Besides, Unikrn also allows you Betting on streamers, which is a nice and innovative way of betting + entertaining.

Customer Support

How to get in touch with Unikrn

We have to admit that the Unikrn betting site is a little different from the standard esports betting site, and so there’s a good chance that you might need to get some help from their customer service team whilst you are here.

Whilst there doesn’t appear to be any kind of telephone hotline, you can always send an email, or there is also a handy live chat customer service feature. Just bear in mind that the Unikrn customer service team aren’t available on the weekend as the office hours are only open on weekdays between 0700 and 2300.

We should also mention the fact that Unikrn have created a pretty helpful Help Centre that has plenty of articles detailing things like depositing funds and setting up your Unikrn account.

Payment Options

Turn your cash into Unikrn gold

The Unikrn ICO created a big buzz in the cryptocurrency world, but can you actually use normal payment methods at Unikrn? Thankfully, as soon as you have had your Unikrn account verified, then you can enjoy making a standard real money deposit into your account. Most people will probably want to use a debit or credit card to fund their esports betting at Unikrn, but there are other payment methods available such as bank transfer depending on your location.

When it comes to payment methods, you will be glad to hear that Unikrn accepts various options and that they keep adding new ones. Skrill, Credit Cards, Neteller, Paysafecard, Bank transfer and Bitpay are just some of the methods available to you.

On top of that, there are over 10 cryptocurrencies that you can use to fund your account. It is also important to mention that Unikrn has its own cryptocurrency that can be used for depositing funds to your account. This crypto is called UKG (Unikoin Gold).

Actually, a big part of Unikrn’s appeal is that you get chance to use Unikoin Gold as a way of funding your bets. In order to do this you will have to set up a Unikrn wallet that keeps all of your Unikrn coins safe. This acts roughly in a similar way to any other esports betting account, although you should probably know that Unikrn will charge a one Unikoin gold fee for every withdrawal that you make from your Unikrn wallet.

Licensing & Security

Is it safe to use the Unikrn coin?

Unikrn’s website is fully https encrypted so that you can feel confident about how your deposits and personal data are handled. In addition to this, we were pleased to see that Unikrn have managed to get a license from the regulatory bodies in the Isle of Man so that you can get a fair degree of customer protection.

An Isle of Man gambling license might not quite offer the same levels of regulatory power as a full UK Gambling Commission license, but it shows that the brand are serious about offering a safe and fair esports betting service. In addition to accepting UK esports betting fans, Unikrn’s service is also available in Australia and there are big plans to introduce Unikrn’s betting in more parts of Europe and the USA.

Esports Odds

How good are the Unikrn esports odds?

It’s easy to get sidetracked by the sheer star power of a site like Unikrn. But at the end of the day, it’s the CSGO odds on offer at Unikrn that will determine whether you want to place your bets here. In order to see how Unikrn’s esports odds rank, we decided to compare their odds for a CSGO IEM Katowice match between Fnatic and Vici Gaming with those available at Betway esports.

Our odds comparison test found that Unikrn were giving you odds on a Fnatic win of 1.28 which weren’t quite as good as Betway’s odds of 1.30. But if you wanted to back Vici Gaming to win this CSGO showdown, then Unikrn’s odds of 3.50 were way better than Betway’s odds of 3.20. All of which, shows that Unikrn are willing to give you a very competitive price for your esports betting.

Does Unikrn put a ceiling on your winnings?

The majority of League of legends and Counter-Strike betting sites that we have come across will include some kind of betting limit that puts a cap on your potential winnings. They do this in order to make sure that they don’t go out of business if you managed to land a potentially massive win.

We had a look through the Unikrn terms and conditions as well as their FAQ, but we couldn’t find any relevant information about any betting limits or maximum winnings. As a result, we would recommend that you take the time to get in contact to the brand via live chat if you think that you have a particularly large bet lined up.

Interface & Design

Stylish and innovative esports betting site

Loading up the Unikrn betting site reveals a homepage that’s slickly designed and shows off all of the relevant upcoming esports matches, as well as news about forthcoming competitive gaming tournaments. Locating the relevant CSGO odds is fairly easy as you just have to scroll down the list of games on the left side, and then to place your bets, just click on your preferred odds to have the added to your betting slip.

All other features of the Unikrn site were roughly where we’d expect them to be with handy login buttons and links for contacts located in intuitive positions. Whilst it doesn’t look like there is any kind of Unikrn betting app just yet, we found that the brand’s website was very mobile-friendly and could be loaded quickly and used effortlessly from the convenience of a smartphone or tablet.

Extra Features

What else can you use a Unikrn coin for?

Unikrn’s website is primarily based around esports betting, and as a result, you probably aren’t going to find anything in the way of traditional sports betting odds here.

However, this isn’t to say that Unikrn aren’t willing to try a few different online gambling options. Take their Jackpots section that has plenty of special prizes like Steam gift cards and cool gaming skins available to win. Or, there is even a very fun Bingo section on the Unikrn site that is purely about playing the game of chance whilst watching a typically chaotic esports showdown.

Alongside fun games we mentioned above, Unikrn Casino is also an option for you. With over 100 games to choose from, Unikrn Casino will definitely provide you with an excellent experience. Who knows, maybe you are the next jackpot winner. This can be a valid alternative to CSGO Casino.

Unikrn Connekt is a revolutionary platform that will allow you to win Unikoin Gold by gaming. No ifs and buts. Connect your accounts, play the games and win cool prizes. As simple as that. Keep in mind that you can also upgrade your Unikrn Connekt in order to climb the ladder and win even better prizes.

Unikrn Loot is basically a platform for giveaways and raffles. Invest Unikoin Gold or Silver for a chance to win crazy-expensive CSGO skins. The best thing about these raffles is that not a lot of people know about them so your chances of winning something expensive will skyrocket.

Betting on CSGO streamers is also a thing at Unikrn. At the time of writing, you can also bet on streamers playing various other Esports as well such as Apex, Dota 2, League of Legends, Overwatch, etc.

Unikrn UMode is yet another revolutionary thing Unikrn put in place. Let’s face it, all of us wanted to place a bet on ourselves to win a match. Guess what, now you have a chance to actually do that. Once your statistics are updated, Unikrn will provide you with the odds to bet on yourself winning.

Besides, the Unirkn platform now offers virtual esports betting, which allows you to place bets on your favourite games without waiting for events to get started.


Key findings in our Unikrn review

Anybody who saw the hype around the Unikrn ICO will know that this is an esports betting site that is going somewhere. We have to admit that we were impressed with the sheer range of esports bets available on Unikrn and their esports betting odd were able to eclipse those of much more established brands.

Hopefully we will see Unikrn upgrade to include a UK Gambling Commission license in the future, but on the whole, it seems as though Unikrn are capable of handling your data and deposits in a safe and satisfactory manner. If they could just step it up to include a nice welcome bonus for new customers, then we think that Unikrn could be onto a winner.

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