CSGO Skin Trade Guide

How to trade your CSGO Skins


CSGO skins are famous for being one of the most important collectibles in the game. You can get all kinds of skins and this makes it a challenge for many players to get several of the skins, although in some cases you can go for a nice CS GO skin trade.

How to trade skin CSGO?

Many people who are looking for a way to be able to trade skins do not know how this whole business really works.

The first thing we have to do to be able to make a CSGO skin trade is to get a site where this is possible. The process is not very complicated and CSGO skin trade sites abound on the internet, CSGO Empire being one of the best examples of this.

Once this is done, you must link your Steam account with the platform account to gain access to the skins stored in the game. This will allow an inventory to open up which will subsequently allow you to make trades with other people around the world in a matter of seconds. This sums up every CSGO skin trading guide.

How to make money trading CSGO skins? Simple, there is a way to exchange skins for money, although the legal sites for exchanging CSGO skins are limited due to various legal problems that often arise with specific countries and how they manage exchange services.

So, can you trade CSGO skins for real money? YES, is it safe to do so? It depends on the service you choose, but mostly no, although some skin gambling sites seem to work properly we cannot recommend them. Several of these sites are scams or just won’t give you any money back -You get paid in skins most of the time. Besides, most of them are not legally established or do not have the legal permits to work.

Is it safe to skin trade with other people?

Truth be told, there is no such thing as a sure-fire way to trade with other people. These platforms have a very low-security system and if we look at the licenses of these pages it is very likely that we will find strange or not very legal licenses for this type of site that can be considered CSGO casino sites.

The platform also does not ensure that after a sale or purchase people can get the money they are expecting. As there is no complete system of legality behind such platforms, both CSGO skin trading and selling CSGO skins is an extremely risky practice.

However, many people see it as something normal and that does not present a major inconvenience. This is up to each person’s judgment and we recommend not to use them to a great extent.

CSGO Skin Trade

Sites you can trade skins

Although for us something that should be avoided by all means is the use of these sites, it is important for you to know that some of the sites are far from the list of sites that are completely evil, to call it that way.

CSGO skin trade sites have been famous for quite some time now and as the months have gone by it has only settled more within the society. Some sites offer a different take on the bad image that they have been creating and this is something that some people could take advantage of.

Something that people must know is that there is not a price range followed by users who sell their items online, so there might be a lot of crazy prices around the platforms such as Skinpay and event rent the skins on Lootbear.

Sites that you might find useful are the following legit CSGO skin trading sites:


CS.Money is one of the most used platforms currently used by active CSGO players. The platform not only offers the possibility to change CSGO skins but also offers a complete guide on how to do it. At the moment it is considered one of the few legal CSGO skin trading sites.

CS.money is also a site where people can sell their account content, as well as buy content that the platform offers. Various collectible skins are available so it is a very sought-after site for collectors.

CSGO skin trade


Another platform that features a lot of similarities with CS.money because of all that it has to offer players. The platform not only offers the opportunity to make CSGO skin swaps but also offers services for other games at the same time.

However, by focusing on CSGO it offers a good amount of skins that collectors crave to have within their account. Moreover, it is a site where you can sell and buy skins, so you can get money through it.

Swap.gg CSGO Trade Skins


CSGO Exo is a platform that has been operating for some time now and so far has not been involved in any controversy.

Like the previous two options, CSGO Exo allows CSGO skins to be exchanged within a couple of minutes once the Steam account has been successfully connected.

CSGO Exo Trade Skins