Bet with Skrill – Esports betting sites that accept Skrill

If you are an old-school bettor, you can probably remember that all of us had a hard time depositing money on esports betting sites. At first, CSGO skins were the only thing available to us, but this is not the case now. Almost every esports bookmaker is offering at least 5 deposit and withdrawal methods.

In this article, we will go over one of the most popular CSGO betting deposit methods, which is Skrill. We will also make a PayPal vs Skrill comparison, just so you can have an insight into both of these e-wallets, and of course, we will go over betting sites that accept Skrill.


Using Skrill For CSGO Betting?

If you are having any doubts about using Skrill for CSGO betting, this section of the article should clear all of your doubts. First and foremost, CSGO betting with Skrill is probably the most popular deposit methods on the market.

At the moment, the entire esports betting industry is using some sort of e-wallet as a deposit and withdrawal method. Needless to say that using Skrill for esports betting is probably the most popular e-wallet deposit method, alongside PayPal.

Now you should be able to understand that Skrill and CSGO betting have a lot in common. For instance, CS:GO is a fast-paced game, which means that your payments will have to be processed quickly, and this is very important when it comes to CSGO live betting. I assure you that betting with Skrill will provide you with lighting fast process times and you will have money on your balance in no time.

Why Use Skrill for CSGO Betting?

We have already discussed some of the benefits you will have if you decide to bet with Skrill. Furthermore, Skrill assures everyone that payments with Skrill are as secure as they can possibly be, and this is why they are one of the best e-wallets on the market.

If you decide to use Skrill for CSGO betting, there are fees included, and this is where Skrill will look to improve. PayPal vs Skrill is a hard comparison to crack, but there is no way that PayPal is more popular than Skrill, especially when it comes to esports betting sites that accept Skrill.

PayPal vs Skrill Comparison

It is really hard to compare PayPal vs Skrill. Let’s start with the basics. Both of these deposit and withdrawal methods are based on e-wallets. From my perspective, Skrill payments are much more popular in the esports betting scene, while PayPal is mostly used for shopping.

Nevertheless, PayPal is still accepted all over the globe, and I am sure that if you really want to place CSGO and esports bets with PayPal, you will eventually find a bookmaker that will suit you. However, if you are to log-in to your favorite CSGO bookmaker, you will notice that they are probably accepting Skrill payments.

All in all, I do not think that PayPal vs Skrill can be compared when it comes to esports betting as Skrill is definitely way more popular, probably because of the personal information that Skrill uses, which is not the case with PayPal payments.

How to make a Skrill payment?

This is probably the easiest part of this article. Skrill payments are probably the easiest thing anyone can do. We have already mentioned that Skrill payments come with a small fee. This is not the case with every esports bookmaker on the market.

The only thing you have to do while making Skrill payment is to enter your Skrill e-mail address. Alongside your Skrill e-mail address, you will also be prompted to enter the amount of money you want to deposit. Logically, you will be redirected to a new window which will lead you through security measurements for paying with Skrill. After entering your password and a 6-digit PIN code, you are close to making a successful payment with Skrill.

After you made sure everything is in the right order, you have to hit the deposit button and that is it. It does not take much for the Skrill payment to be processed and you should have money on your balance in no time.

Take note that you can also link your credit card to your Skrill account. This should also help you with Skrill payments, especially if you do not have sufficient funds on your Skrill account. You can top the missing amount of money by using your VISA or MasterCard.

How to withdraw using Skrill?

There are several ways to withdraw money via Skrill. First and foremost, you can withdraw money directly to your credit card which is linked to your Skrill account. Skrill funds can also be withdrawn to the prepaid MasterCard which is shipped directly to your home address. You can basically use this card in ATM’s all over the world, and you can also make instant payments with the Skrill prepaid MasterCard.

There are three different fees when it comes to paying with Skrill. Some of these are made for withdrawals, while the other ones are used only for the Skrill payments or deposits. For instance, using Skrill for CSGO betting can apply these fees:

  • 1.00% for payments made by popular methods such as VISA, MasterCard, Bank Wire, NETELLER, etc.

Take note that there are extra fees for gambling purposes which are called “cash advance fees”. However, not all of the esports bookmakers charge you with those, and we will provide you with the list of esports betting bookmakers which are not charging additional fees.

On to the withdrawal fees. There are three of those in total, and only one can be applied per one withdrawal. Below you will be able to find about the fees that come with Skrill withdrawals.

  • Withdrawal to Bank Account – €5.50 fee
  • Withdrawal to VISA – 7.50%
  • ATM Withdrawal via Skrill prepaid MasterCard – 1.75%

Betting Sites That Accept Skrill

As you can probably notice, using Skrill for esports betting is really secure, simple, and easy. I would recommend everyone to use Skrill payments while betting on their favourites esports betting sites. In this part of the article, we will present you with the best esports betting sites where you can use Skrill for CSGO betting. As promised, all of these bookmakers will not charge you additional fees.


If you are into esports betting, you have probably heard about Betway. At the moment, this is definitely the best and the most trusted esports bookmaker on the planet. I believe that no one else can come close to even compete with Betway, especially when it comes to betting odds, promotions, and customer support.


In order to be the best, you have to provide your customers with a lot of various deposit and withdrawal methods. This is where Betway shines. You will be able to find over 10 different deposit and withdrawal methods. Even though the most popular deposit method on Betway is VISA or MasterCard, Skrill is also on the top. Take note that Betway is not accepting PayPal payments, and they are charging no fees for Skrill payments.

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Another very popular esports betting bookmaker that decided to promote Skrill as their best payment. Even though ArcaneBet is not offering the highest or the best esports betting odds on the market, they definitely have everything covered. I assure you that you will not be able to find such a huge variety of esports titles to bet on anywhere but on ArcaneBet.


All in all, this is an excellent esports betting bookmaker which provides you with a full package. Take note that ArcaneBet has superb odds on live betting, you will see the difference once you compare them with their rivals. And just like Betway, ArcaneBet does not charge their customers with additional Skrill fees for Skrill payments.

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Another esports betting bookmaker that has been on the scene for a while now. Just like Betway and ArcaneBet, thrives on the amount of deposit options they have. I believe that there are over 20+ deposit and withdrawal options on, but this can vary from country to country.


At the moment, is providing their new customers with several deposits and welcome bonuses, and this could be an excellent chance for you to test out Skrill payments., just like every other esports betting bookmaker on our list, does not charge their customers with additional fees for Skrill payments.

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If you have not heard about already, then you should definitely give them a try. Even though they do not have the reputation Betway or ArcaneBet have, I assure you that they are on par with them. You will be able to enjoy high odds, excellent live betting section, and professional support.


The only thing that lacks is promotions. Even though you can find a welcome bonus on their site, this is basically everything you can get. However, I am sure that they will acknowledge that in the near future, and we will see tons of deposit bonuses on this site. Even though this esports bookmaker charged Skrill fees not so long ago, they decided to help out their customers, hence why they removed additional fees for Skrill payments.