StarCraft 2 Betting Tips

Higlights of StarCraft 2 betting, the pioneer of esports


One of the most classic games that are still alive today thanks to the arrival of new releases is StarCraft. The famous game that pits various races against each other in a dystopian future is one of the most popular betting titles today, and it is worth knowing some tips for StarCraft 2 betting.

Betting Tips and Predictions for Betting on StarCraft 2

Before a person can properly make predictions for betting on StarCraft 2, he has to keep several things in mind that could work against him if he does not know them.

The game comes with a lot of surprises, and in StarCraft betting, this plays an important role in determining the course of a game. In the wide variety of esports betting sites, you will find that the bets promise to be quite juicy, but you should be careful if you don’t know the market well.

On the other hand, we have to make StarCraft predictions at the time of betting is somewhat complicated if you do not know the current form of the teams or players. So get to know all the StarCraft 2 tips.

Get to know each of the races

In StarCraft 2 there are three races that can be used. Each one plays a different role and has unique abilities that people can learn if they are patient enough to do so.

But this is not the important thing, the important thing is to know each of the StarCraft races so that at the time of betting, you can choose the one that is most advantageous in the game. By this, we mean to analyze the units that can be created, what advantage they have over the enemy, and if in the long run, there could be an advantage in the battles.

Analyze the shape of players and teams

When betting on StarCraft there is nothing more important than knowing the current form of the players and teams at the general level. This is considered a sport, and therefore, players also go through good and bad times.

Everyone knows that this can be a determining factor in the world of gambling so you can start by getting a head start by getting to know each of the players and teams that are in the current StarCraft 2 scene.

Get to know the way the game is played

StarCraft is similar to one of the PC classics that are still in people’s conversations today, the Age of Empires. The games develop in the same way and each race has its own way of evolving.

The structures allow new buildings to be unlocked and with the new technologies. So get to know how the game develops and when betting live on StarCraft 2 you will be able to take advantage of it.

Strcraft 2 betting

Esports States for SCII

StarCraft 2 is famous for being one of the games with the greatest number of competitions worldwide, despite the fact that its golden age has passed several years after its launching.

Nowadays, several renowned tournaments are still being played in the StarCraft 2 scene, and last year saw a good partnership that allows people to see StarCraft in Eesports tournaments around the world.

StarCraft 2 participation will remain active thanks to ESL and Dreamhack. While last year didn’t see much movement, this year promises to be back with a lot of new surprises.

Differences between SC and SC2

The first difference we can find between both games is the release date of each one. The first StarCraft game was released in 1998 while StarCraft 2 was released in 2010.

This allowed for major graphical changes along with the addition of several aspects of interest, such as 3D graphics and character design in general.

But in addition to this, the game also presented changes in its gameplay, making it much more didactic, while adding a lot of unique content that to date, continues to keep the game alive.

In terms of races, there is not much difference, except for the addition of a couple of extra units that did not appear in the first release so it is not a major change, regardless of how this affected the major StarCraft 2 betting strategies.

Why is StarCraft 2 one of the most famous Esports?

StarCraft 2 is considered one of the best Esports today because of the gameplay it offers players. Many games have similar gameplay, but the style of gameplay that StarCraft offers is something that catches the attention of people all over the world.

Besides, we have that the game has managed to add large amounts of content to keep the scene alive. Despite being a complete strategy game, the matches are always entertaining to watch.

On the other hand, StarCraft 2 is also one of the most famous Esports due to its appearance in different renowned tournaments. Being the ESL tournament a clear example. Besides, this was the first esports to get a real worldwide scene! Thus, making StarCraft 2 betting a pioneering move in the early 2010s.

SC 2 betting markets

On Esports betting sites you will be able to get several markets for StarCraft 2 betting. This is given to the gameplay strategies available.

The main markets we can find to bet on StarCraft 2 are:

  • Map Winner
  • Team to win their group
  • Handicap
  • Region of tournament winner
  • Correct map score

This market is much wider when we enter StarCraft 2 live betting where there are more options to win money. You can learn more about live betting in our Unikrn review, or visit Bet365 esports selection.

Biggest SC 2 tournaments and Best teams

There are currently a lot of teams playing in major StarCraft 2 tournaments around the world. In some countries the favoritism for the game is noticeable. The main teams that currently exist are:

  • Jin Air Green Wings
  • Team Liquid
  • SK Telecom T1
  • Incredible Miracle

Among all these teams we can find a little more than 6 million dollars in earnings! Among the most striking tournaments found in main betting sites such as Betway esports we have the following tournaments, this year we could be seeing a new addition to the list as well:

  • Global StarCraft 2
  • King Of Battles
  • DH SC2 Masters
  • ESL One