TF2 Gambling: A quick guide to bet on Team Fortress 2

TF2 gambling is in a great growth, this first-person shooter video game is known for the visual aspect and its great multiplayer gameplay. The most incredible thing about the game is that it is free to play.  Along with this growth, there is also the development of the great gambling market that exists worldwide, with an increasing number of users.

Why bet on Team Fortress?

Despite being an old game, Team Fortress is is still a nice esport, which holds a rather decent market to invest in. It is a great possibility for bettors as well as fan-players to bet on the game, as it is a quite reliable and settled market.

Multiple tournaments are being created, some official, others developed only by players, where various rewards can be distributed, such as cash, codes in game stores, gift cards on Google Play, Amazon, Steam and also subscription codes on streaming platforms, among many others.

The number of spectators can reach up to 10,000 per tournament, and some of them even exceed this figure. These tournaments can have a prize pool of up to USD 16000$. Among the tournaments with the largest number of spectators is the Insomnia 63 which still had a peak of over 10.000 views.

Best tournaments for TF2 Gambling

There is a wide variety of TF2 tournaments, where hundreds of players annually gather to show who is the best player of all. Some of these most important tournaments are:

  • AsiaFortress Cup
  • RGL 6v6 Cup
  • FACEIT 6V6
  • Copenhagen Games
  • Esports Arena Rewind

Best teams for TF2 Gambling

It is true that the variety of teams that exist is notorious, but only some of them are the teams that stand out and have achieved certain championships. Given that the game is quite off the market by 2021, there are few tournaments and teams that keep the esports scene going. Among the most important teams for esports betting are:

Froyotech: This team from North America has won over 135.000$ and participated in more than 40 tournaments with excellent results. Being the most profitable TF2 team by 2021.

NerdRage: Another team, this time from the European region, that has found several ways through a nice TF2 career. With Yehaw, a top player, as their new scout since 2020, the team promises to keep up on the 2021 season.

TF2 Gambling

Top TF2 players

TF2 is still alive, even better, the all-time record player count occurred in late 2020, with over 140.000 players, and by the third quarter of 2021 the average daily players are still above 100.000. This being said, every team has amazing players, some of them stand out more than others. These are the best players to look at for Team Fortress 2 Gambling:

  • B4nny (Grant Vincent) B4nny is a TF2 veteran who has been ruling the 1st and 2nd places in all tournaments since 2016. Not much to say, this guy is a safe bet, even while you won’t me making big money with such safe bets.
  • Blaze (Tyler Brown) B4nny’s team mate and probably the best “soilder” position players for TF2.
  • Shade (Dante Funari) Even when he is stated as “retired” Shade is still an unbeatable healer, and plays in lowkey tournaments every now and then with the Froyotech team.

Where to bet on TF2

There are very limited options where you can go for TF2 Gambling, among them, the only one we can recommend is Unikrn esports betting sites. This is one of the most reliable sites to recover your investment, plus it offers a good service, where you can have a unique experience, and enjoy to the fullest.

Unikrn betting platform is also great regarding betting markets and odds in general. On the other hand, you must be careful when betting, because not all sites are safe, sites like work without a license. Therefore, we advise you to stick to platforms that we recommend for Team Fortress Betting.

TF2 betting markets

This is a market that is growing, as are the game’s tournaments as such. Valve continues to bet on esports, and along with that, people are trusting in the development of the game and betting large amounts of money.

This market is not something new, therefore most betting markets remain simple. As for TF2 betting tips, you can bet on winner of the map, number of kills, and, of course, the overall winner.