TI10 Qualifiers North America Predictions: Will Undying get a place in TI10?

Posted on July 3, 2021

.TI10 Qualifiers North America Predictions are here! The International 10 is the final tournament of the Dota 2 video game, which takes place through battles of two teams, five members each, in a predetermined arena.

This tournament is carried out through the Dota Pro Circuit, which was introduced in 2017 by the developer of the game Valve; through this system, it is determined which teams will compete in the international tournament.

Now, part of the big deal is that 6 teams qualify for the tournament via elimination, 1 from each region. So, today we will give you tips and insights about the possible winners of the North American region qualifiers.

In the North American qualifier, we have the following teams to participate:

Are you ready to bet on Dota 2? Here are the teams that will burn down our TI10 Qualifiers North America Predictions.

·         Undying

·         4 Zoomers

·         Simply TOOBASED

·         Bumble BEE’s

·         Black N Yellow

·         D2 Hustlers

·         Arkosh Gaming

·         The cut

·         Team DogChamp

·         Felt

·         5ManMidas

·         Electronic Boys


Our pick on TI10 Qualifiers North America Predictions

Some claim that the rankings’ winners can vary between two of the favourite teams: Undying and 4 Zoomers. Team Undying has made approximately $ 82,500 and has a 68% win rate. Team 4 Zoomers, has made approximately $ 81,000 and has a 53% winning rate with 12 games won and 7 lost last year.

Based on their DPC, we can definitely take Undying as the favourite team to win. They lead the DPC score of the qualifiers with 400 points, while the next team is 4 Zoomers with only 200 DPC points.

Before placing any bets, be sure to review the statistics of each team, as winning depends on where you bet and if the team is good in that category.

On the part of the North Americans, the Undying team has a very good percentage of victories. At the moment, they already have 7 victories of which 2 were followed and only have 2 lost games. This makes them a very strong and hard team to play overcome.

This is a tournament where the competitors are under a lot of pressure; and where if you like to bet you can win alongside them too. Before placing bets, make sure to research each team well. If you follow them from the beginning of their career even better.

TI10 Qualifiers North America Predictions

Recommended bets

While you may find it interesting to follow on specific bets such as Roshan, you may want to leave those options for the TI10 main event. Furthermore, check out our TI10 betting tips.

During the Qualifiers, teams may tend to mix their strategies and experiment a bit to “do something different” from what kept them out of the DPC top.

Regarding this, a team that usually secures jungle buffs first may play more aggressively or change counters if they want to secure a spot on the TI10 main event. Nevertheless, seeing the rankings, betting on match winners will be a hard pick until the finals. As for the moment we can recommend you to not bet against 4 Zoomers and Undying until they meet each other in the final match, which is our sole “secure” prediction.

Still, a prior match in the semifinals with Bumble BEE’s and 4 Zoomers may change the Dota 2 odds. But if the BEE’s manage to take Zoomers out of the picture this will more likely benefit Undying on getting the spot.

Where to bet

Before choosing a place to bet, make sure that you will actually get your reward if your TI10 Qualifiers North America Predictions turned right. We recommend you going for legal and licensed esports bookmakers all around, and particularly find the Luckbox bonus on stage to be great if you are new to esports betting.

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