TI10 Qualifier western Europe Predictions: Which champ will WE send to TI10?

Posted on July 7, 2021 - Last Updated on July 27, 2021

Are you looking for TI10 Qualifier western Europe Predictions? Here you will find all you need to know about the tournament qualifiers and which teams will make it through the brackets!

The International is the biggest Dota 2 Tournament to date, and even one of the biggest tournaments on the esports professional scene; besides, we can say for sure that it is the biggest esports tournament when it comes to having a massive Prize Pool in-game!

As usual, 6 teams are not taken by their DPC status, but rather given a chance to enter the tournament through regional tournaments, giving an extra chance to each region to send its best champions, and here are the ti10 western Europe qualifier favourites debating the spot in TI10 2021.

All the teams & TI10 western Europe qualifier favourites

14 teams are trying to get the Western Europe spot for TI10! And here are the ones who will fight for that spot near the throne:

·         Team Nigma

·         Team Liquid

·         Tundra esports

·         OG

·         Vikin.gg

·         Brame

·         Spider Pigzs

·         Hellbear Smashers

·         Ghost Frogs

·         Team Bald Reborn

·         Into the Breach

·         No Bounty Hunter

·         Chicken Fighters

·         Hippomaniacs

TI10 Qualifier western Europe Predictions

The thing with the TI10 Qualifier western Europe Predictions is that 2 teams shine above all the others making it easy to define that one of them will get to The International. Nevertheless, as both teams are in the upper bracket, they won’t be both in the finals (Unless one of them loses in the second round, which is unlikely)

Now, to leave the suspense aside, we are talking about Team Nigma and Team Liquid, which are the most probable winners of the qualifier tournament.

Other teams that have a chance of rising are also set in the upper bracket, OG has defeated both Team Nigma and Team Liquid in the past season, but their match against Vikin.gg will be determining their future on this tournament.

On the other hand, Tundra Esports has a slight chance of winning, but betting on them will be more an example of luck since statistics favour all the above mentioned way better.

Possible winners

As for a possible winner, we would put our money on Team Nigma in the upper bracket during The International western Europe qualifiers. And then, while the lower bracket may be led by HellBear Smashers, it will probably end up sending to the finals either Liquid or Tundra esports.

TI10 Qualifier western Europe Predictions

Where to use your TI10 Qualifier western Europe Predictions

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To Sum Up

Counting as TI10 betting tips, while Team Nigma has a clear advantage based on odds and DPC rankings, OG and Tundra are set to give us a surprise at any given moment. Keep following the tournament to see how it ends as you bet on Dota 2.

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