Top CSGO Skin Gambling Sites 2024

Put old skins to use!

Skin gambling has gone wild lately. So, we decided to list the top CSGO skin gambling sites 2024 in this review.

While we strongly recommend you to stick your CSGO bets to licensed bookmakers, we will show you which are the top CSGO skin gambling sites, where you can make some cash out of those skins you so hardly earned playing CSGO.

Our Top 5 CSGO Skin Gambling Sites

1. CSGO Empire

CSGO Empire is a site that has been in operation for over 5 years, where users can bet through skins. It is one of the most famous sites as far as CSGO skin gambling is concerned, as well as being one of the oldest. A particular feature is that it has a chat, with different rooms, divided into languages 18 languages, and this makes it an international site.

Above all, the CSGO Empire platform offers certain bonuses you can take advantage of, such as a welcome bonus, which gives you 0,50$ for entering a referral code.

They also give gifts when you sign up. When you have reached a higher level in CSGO Empire, you will start receiving keys to unlock daily gifts. The higher your level, the better the gift. This platform also offers a reward known as coin rain and this is given every 30 minutes in the chat area. Something remarkable about this site is that they accept cryptocurrencies for wagering, in addition to skins, clearly. You can also make deposits with G2A Pay.

This is a somehow safe site to bet on.. but is CSGO Empire legit? Anyway, this is one of the top sites for CSGO skin gambling.

2. CSGO Roll

CSGO Roll is a site where you can bet skins directly from your Steam Account. Basically, that is the main activity of this platform.

It is considered one of the best sites for CSGO skin gambling. Here you can play a lot of games that will allow you to win skins, and you can also bet skins and exchange them for coins that are then used for betting. Coins can be withdrawn or used to buy skins.

You get a welcome bonus when you join, and you can also claim another bonus through a promo code. To join this platform you must be logged into steam. As for safety, the site has few complaints, but it is overall ok based on users reviews.

Top CSGO Skin Gambling Sites 2021


Gamdom is a CSGO skin betting site, where you can participate in various mini-games and win skins by betting. This site has been around for a little over 3 years.

When depositing on the official site, the money is converted into coins, which in turn are functional for betting on the aforementioned mini-games. The payment method is through Steam and WAX Express, as well as Bitcoin.

You can withdraw what you’ve earned in the aforementioned currencies or also in skins. In other words, this is a site that works very well in terms of transactions. Hundreds of users have reviewed this as one of the top CSGO skin gambling sites 2024.

4. CS.Money

CS.Money offers a service that allows you to exchange skins for other skins, plus it is a place where you can gamble on CSGO with your skins.

So you can get new things, and enjoy them. Here you can trade in a very easy way as it has a system of bots that allow the trading to be more fluid. This is the most outstanding thing in general, it’s a trading system.

Through the purchase mode, you can choose a skin that is at discount. It has a good presence on social networks like YouTube and Reddit. The data offered by this site is something very impressive, it records more than 89 million successful trades and also more than 6 million active users on the platform.

As always, we advise you to be careful because these sites may not be safe. If you are wondering if is legit and you are worried we recommend using legal esports bookmakers.

5. Hellcase

Hellcase is a CSGO gambling site, which has become popular since 2016. The chances of making a profit or a reward on this site are getting higher and higher since it opened.

Their payment and withdrawal system is usually fast and efficient, as well as very secure. This is a fully legal site, which is backed by a registered company and has over 3 million visitors every month.

Hellcase is usually ideal if you want to trade skins, as there are a lot of them, and their site has a secure encrypted connection. For that reason, it is considered one of the top CSGO skin gambling sites 2023.

Withdrawing money on this platform is also easy, they offer a variety of payment and withdrawal methods. In addition, withdrawals are made instantly, so you don’t have to wait a long time to get your money in your account and start using it.

Using Skinpay at regulated bookmakers

So, are skin betting sites your only option to take out some profit from your skins at CSGO? NO! Skinpay can be used at and also at Arcanebet as a payment method. These are fully regulated and licensed esports betting sites!

Skinpay is a deposit and withdrawal network, which also functions as a platform as a site to safely sell or trade CSGO skins. The good thing about this site is that it has almost instantaneous withdrawal times, the funds take about 4 minutes to reach your bank account. In a basic concept, Skinpay is one of the best platforms to trade CSGO skins on CSGO skin gambling sites.


More games at the best CSGO skin gambling sites 2024

For quite some time, the term “CSGO Slots” has been popular on top CSGO skin gambling sites, where you could win rewards like in-game skins.

But, you can also find the best CSGO slot at Betway esports. This is not for skin betting, but rather a CSGO themed slot that you can play with using real money. The NiP slot, dedicated to the Ninjas in Pyjamas team is very easy to play. Where you merge gambling and video game fanatics.

There is also One Shot, which is a “cowboy” game themed on CSGO. This works more like a scratchie, you have to shoot one of several targets and one of the targets has the prize. Will you shoot the right terrorist?