Twitch Betting Guide – How to Bet on Your Favorite Twitch Streamers

We are talking about a new phenomenon of gambling that has gained popularity in the esports betting scenario lately. Twitch is one of the most important streaming platforms today, and this is something that players and streamers have taken advantage of: Twitch Betting.

So, what is Twitch betting?

Twitch betting is one of the most exciting methods of betting today. These bets work directly with the streamer we choose, so, instead of betting on a player’s tournament’s results, we would be betting on a streamer’s broadcast result.

Twitch betting at Unikrn

How to bet on Twitch streamers?

What we should do is find a page that accepts streamers betting and start with our bets. This could be a little difficult because some pages have not adopted this system since they prefer to stay with the traditional method without breaking the schemes.

Added to the above, we have that these bets have only been selected for a certain number of esports, so we will not see availability in all the games that perhaps we are used to seeing. In this case, the most popular games are League of Legends, CSGO, Apex Legends, PUBG, and DOTA2.

Where can you bet on streamers?

As for the moment, there are only 3 sites that have great options for betting on streamers, so let’s talk a bit about them:


One of the most important betting sites could not be left behind when you want to bet on streamers. The bad thing about the platform that we found during our Unikrn review is that it has a limited Streamers betting system that focuses on only three games (Fortnite, Apex Legends and PUBG). But this is something that will undoubtedly be changing soon.

Nevertheless, the betting markets in those games are pretty much good. On the other hand, this is the top site that you should look for if you want to bet with cryptocurrencies. Another strong point of the page and that, in turn, is unique is the Unikrn Umode in which people can bet on themselves, which is a great option for the US bettors to get a chance around main restrictions.


Added a couple of months ago, Rivalry has been one of the pioneers in the world of Twitch betting. Within the platform, you can see the main-streamers in the world and the bets include important games such as CSGO or Valorant, so it is a great option to win money and its markers are constantly updated.

Besides, during our Rivalry review, we found out that the site is quite complete and has options on the best CSGO streamers.

bet on streamers on rivalry also offers Twitch betting, despite not being heavily advertised on their site. You can especially bet on Fortnite streamers, but we’re sure you’ll be able to find other titles from time to time as well.

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Tips to bet on streamers

Just as your usual LoL Betting tips, there are tricks or tips that people can take into account to get the most out of their bets. The same happens when you bet on streamers, and some secrets should be taken advantage of:

1. Meet the streamer you’re betting on

As a rule in all bets, it is necessary that before making one you know the person for whom you are leaving part of your money. You are betting on a team, a match, or whatever you want to see, but a requirement that you should not leave aside is to know the streamer.

Not only does the streamer have to be known or have time in the world of Twitch betting to win some fame, but you have to look for and analyze the behavior he or she has had and if betting on that person is safe or not.

2. Use only certified esports betting sites

Since betting on Twitch is at its peak, many platforms have not been able to optimize their terms and conditions; therefore, many problems can occur. When offering CSGO betting tips, we never recommend placing bets on sites that do not have licenses updated, much less in ones with negative criticism within the community for fraud or theft.

3. Percentage of earnings is refreshed every minute

One thing we can see in traditional esports betting is that there is a fixed amount determining a bet earning.

This is something that we won’t see when we bet on twitch streamers. The reason is that betting sites have adopted this betting system, which updates every minute the percentage of a person’s earnings based on the development of the stream.

4. Odds and limits

As we said earlier this betting modality is quite new, and differently from esports pros, the streamers are not always so easy to track down when it comes to performance. So, betting sites are struggling a bit when it comes to calculating odds.

Nevertheless, betting odds on the sites we recommended above are usually trustworthy (Although, making your homework before betting is still on the table)

The limits, on the other hand, are a different matter. This is because the limits are lower than in traditional bets due to several factors: lack of predictions, possible frauds, and little vigilance, mainly. However, the winnings are still quite generous in case of a successful bet.

Disadvantages of Twitch betting

The main problem that people see when betting on a streamer is that unfortunately, they are not exempt from doing some kind of cheating. You should be careful about which streamer you look to bet on. Regarding this, the more famous the streamer, the safer the bet you will make.

The problem with this is that streamed games are not as regulated as tournaments, so, matches may be fixed. One way to combat this disadvantage is to place your bets on a site that is fully licensed and, if possible, registered with the Esports Integrity Coalition as an additional security measure.

But there is yet another downside to this; some choices at the moment of betting will not be available. We will not be able to bet on the winning team of a round, of the tournament, or much less bet on the most outstanding player of the participation because all our efforts are directed to the stream of only one person.

On the other hand, it is almost always possible to bet on twitch streamers; and you get to bet on most of your usual markets as the streamer shows off his skills.