Tyloo vs Renegades – Match Analysis for StarSeries i-League Season 7

Posted on March 27, 2019 - Last Updated on September 10, 2020

The opening match of the StarSeries i-League Season 7 between Tyloo and Renegades should be a good one. Given the fact that Tyloo is playing in front of their home crowd, I am expecting them to really step up in this tournament. On the other hand, Renegades has been on fire lately and they are coming to this even with high hopes.

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Tyloo vs Renegades

In the last couple of weeks, Renegades did not play a single professional match. On the other hand, Tyloo remained very active, but they fell short in the IEM Sydney Qualifiers. Below, we will cover 5 last matches from both of these teams.


  • Renegades

The best Australian roster is sitting on three wins and two defeats in their last five matches. However, you should not take their form so seriously, mainly because they have been inactive for almost a month now.

They were able to defeat both ENCE and FaZe on Inferno. Even though both of these games could have gone either way, Renegades stepped up when it mattered and hammered themselves a chance to qualify for The New Champions Stage.

In their advancement match, this CSGO team was matched against Astralis. Even though they were defeated, they were at least able to win a map against Astralis, which has become virtually impossible as of late. In their second advancement match, Renegades got the better of Vitality over the course of three maps.

After qualifying for The New Champions Stage, Renegades was matched against MIBR. Even though MIBR looked really solid, all of us were expecting Renegades to edge out a victory against the Brazilians. That did not happen and MIBR sent Renegades packing.


  • Tyloo

As I mentioned above, this Chinese CSGO roster stayed very active in the last couple of weeks. In their IEM Katowice 2019 Main Qualifier match, Tyloo was eliminated after they suffered a horrible defeat against G2.

After being eliminated from the Major Qualifier, Tyloo took a break. It feels like they really needed one. In their last couple of matches, they looked really good. Firstly, they were able to defeat Aster in the IEM Sydney 2019 Greater China Closed Qualifier. Aster stood no chance against Tyloo on both Cache and Overpass.

In the upper bracket semi-finals, Tyloo was matched against Panda. Tyloo definitely underestimated this team, and at on point, it looked like Tyloo is going to lose this best-of-3 series. However, this is where experience kicks in. Tyloo was able to mount a comeback and secure their spot in the grand final.

In the upper bracket final, Tyloo stomped ViCi over the course of 2 maps. ViCi had no chance on both Mirage and Train despite Kaze playing out of his mind. Given the fact that Tyloo defeated everyone in the upper bracket, they gained a 1-0 map advantage in the grand finals. Poor showings on Dust 2 and Inferno secured ViCi their IEM Sydney 2019 spot.

Map Pool

At first, it might seem that these two teams share similar map pools, but that is not the case. Let’s start with something we can definitely predict. Renegades roster does not play Overpass, and that is going the be their permaban in this best-of-3 match. On the other hand, TyLoo does not play Nuke, and they will definitely remove it first.

On to the good maps. Both teams are capable of playing Mirage and Inferno. Furthermore, Cache is always a good option for Renegades since Tyloo never really played comfortably on this map. However, Tyloo will definitely go for either Inferno or Mirage as these two maps alongside Overpass are in their comfort zone.

Train is also a map where Renegades excels. In the end, we will probably see a decider on which both of these teams feel comfortable on. All in all, the map pool heavily favors Renegades, and from my perspective, they should have a free map win in this one.


These two teams competed on a total of 14 maps in the last couple of years. At the moment, their head-to-head ratio is dead even. Each team was able to win 7 maps. If we are to look into maps these two teams play once matched against each other, we can see a pattern.

In 80% of their games played, we have seen either Mirage or Inferno played. Furthermore, it feels like Inferno is a go-to map for Renegades in this one. However, Renegades lost their last best-of-3 series to Tyloo in November of 2018 and they will definitely look to make amends. They were defeated on both Cache and Mirage.

Tyloo vs Renegades Summary

On the paper, Renegades is definitely a better team. However, bookmakers acknowledged that Tyloo is not a joke, especially in their home country. This Chinese CSGO roster also has incredible individuals who are capable of winning games themselves.

On the other hand, Renegades is also packed with players with incredible aim and ability to multi frag. Jks and jkaem are two very capable guys and if Renegades AWPer is going to be on point in this best-of-3 match, I do not think Tyloo will be able to stop them.

In conclusion, Renegades is definitely going to play on a map where Tyloo is not feeling comfortable on. This means that they will have a huge advantage. Alongside their map pick, which is definitely going to be Train, I can see Renegades winning either Inferno or Mirage because they are very solid on both of these maps. Odds are really good for this match, and I believe that Australian CSGO roster will get the better of Tyloo in this match.

Betting prediction: Renegades to win
Odds: 1.50
Bookmaker: Betway
Date: March 30th, 07:00 CEST

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