Types of bets on esports

Learn your options to bet & win

When betting you can find a plethora of options, and giving you more or fewer chances than the others. So, today we will talk about the types of bets on esports, how to know which one fits you better, and when to go for any of them.

The types of bets can vary depending on how you are betting, which game you are betting in, and which esports bookmaker you are using. So, just for the sake of order, first, let’s talk a bit about the types of bets based on how you bet.

Real money esports betting

Your first aim is to bet on real cash so that you get something back, right? So, you can go to the best esports bookmakers and find a place to put your esports betting tips to practice.

Skin gambling

Skin gambling is your low-risk & no-gain option. Some sites may offer you to do skin gambling in which you can deposit skins or real money and get paid in in-game currency or skins in the end. So, we don’t actually encourage this, imagine landing a 5000$ bet to get back that in CSGO skins.

Fantasy betting

Fantasy esports is now a common thing to do, especially as this is a great alternative for US players who want to bet from States where traditional betting is forbidden. Here you assemble a dream team and then win based on their real counterpart individual performance.

Bet on yourself

Few platforms allow this -mainly because of the risk of cheating. But we can recommend you the Unikrn Umode for betting on yourself. Here you can make real money betting on your performance in several games. Sadly, the Umode is still not available for all countries.

Types of bets

Bets that are common to all esports

The first thing that comes to mind when we speak about betting is the obvious “who will win?” bet, right? Well, when betting in any game, you can bet on the outright winner, but this betting market also has some variants:

  • Tournament Winner
  • Match Winner
  • Map/round winner
  • Tournament results

Tournament results are the only one different. When a tournament event hits in, some esports bookmakers will allow you to bet on how the tournament will develop. In this case, you will have to guess which teams move forward from the group stage and knockout stages, and sometimes even with the number of points obtained. This is a quite hard bet to win but usually will also have a nice reward if you get to nail all the results.


Winning is not the only way to get results. The Over/Under bets are a fan favorite and brutally common to find on esports. So, let’s say that you are betting on a given Valorant match, will the kills of both teams sum Over or Under 50?

This type of bet applies to each team, both teams, matches, rounds, maps, and more. Besides it varies depending on the game. League of Legends may have an Over/Under option for Doublekill and Pentakill sometimes, or even the number of dragons killed.


Playing with numbers is a classic way of betting. This works just like the Over/Under bets, just that you will be betting on if the result is odd or even. So, there is always a 50/50 chance and is more moved by luck than other esports bets.

First bets

First bets are one of the most exciting types of bets on esports. Which team will get the first blood or first dragon on the Lol Worlds final? Who will tear down the first tower or inhibitor? These are great bets to have in and usually work in favor of “mostly aggressive” teams.

Types of Bets

Types of bets on esports for Specific Games

Now, there are also betting markets that aren’t available to all games, usually defined by the genre and the game itself. So, here we have a list of the best esports betting markets that you can find by game genre:

MOBA games

MOBAs are based on “defend the base” modalities with towers and teams clashing against NPC armies of minions. Games such as League of Legends, DOTA2, and Heroes of the Storm fall in this category.

In these games, usual bets include the Outright winner, number of kills, and, of course, the special in-game events. For example, live betting in League of Legends may come with some Jungle Events betting, such as who will take Baron or Dragon.

Furthermore, some betting sites include betting markets for the final count on kills and combo-kills.

FPS games

The first-player shooters are particularly great for betting. These games are fueled with adrenaline and usually come in a mission/kill composition, making them hard to determine outputs as you can’t know if the “most aggressive” team will actually win.

On the other hand, this also makes them easier to follow when it comes to betting markets. Games of this genre include Rainbow 6, Overwatch, Battlefield, Valorant, CSGO, Call of Duty, and the subgenre of Battle Royale with Fortnite, PUBG, and more.

Common betting markets in this genre include kills and maps. Yet, there are betting markets determined by the mission.

For bomb-defusing and hostage rescue games, betting on who gets the target done is an available bet. On the other hand, some sites offer you an over/under bet for the time that will take for teams to get their job done.

Battle Royale bets on the other hand are based on survival! You can even bet on how much will a player survive, who will be the winner, or which in-game events will follow. Games such as Valorant and Overwatch include a character picking option which can be bet on as well.

Sports simulators

Types of bets on esports sports-simulating games are usually the same as you will find in their original “sports” counterpart. So, bets on FIFA21 or Rocket League will include the number of goals, corners, outright winners, and such. The same applies to bets on NBA21K or F1 2020.

RTS games

Real-Time Strategy games saw the birth of esports. And such, games such as Starcraft 2 are still played and bet on. As for betting markets, despite being complicated games these are usually simple to bet on.

Most markets available are just outright winners or over/under options based on resources, time played, or units killed.

On the other hand, are games that apply to neither of the forenamed genres. Clash Royale, Hearthstone, and other cards + strategy games that just like RTS keep few options. Knowing what you can bet on is great, and learning to read the odds will help you a great deal.