Valorant Vs CSGO: Is CSGO dying on Valorant’s esports scene?

For a long time, there has been a debate as to which game is the better game and which has the better community. It has always been in a constant Valorant Vs CSGO. Today we will show you the main features of each one, their gameplay, gameplay, and also how their community is and how they develop in the eSports discipline.

Valorant Vs CSGO Gameplay and Playability

Valorant’s gameplay is very good and its gameplay is great. This first-person shooter, set in the near future has the ideal characteristics to fully enjoy the game.

Undoubtedly RIOT’s Valorant is designed and developed to another level, with a realistic technology that allows you to live the game. In its main game mode players join the attacking or defending team, each one has five players, these games work with an economic system to acquire skills and weapons that allow you to be better in the game.

Unlike CSGO, which yes, in a general concept, has great features, it is considered a great game, but it does not have the benefits package that Valorant offers. Yet it does have a nice bunch of skins, with its own trading skins market and the crown of the best FPS esports.

CSGO vs Valorant player count

Now, as for how many people play the game; CSGO is not at its best moment. While the game used to run about 1 million players, it now ranges around half a million. On the other hand, Valorant has been a striking success with over 1.4 million active players on average by June 2021.

Is Valorant Better than CSGO?

Valorant bets on something much riskier in terms of concept, many game modes that different users can enjoy. In terms of graphics, Valorant is also more impressive.

On the other side of the table, CSGO is a very well-developed game with a large number of monthly players and that despite the time on the market has been maintained as the king and undying classic of FPS.

There has also been a great CSGO vs COD debate, where they have been compared on many occasions. In other words, we can say that Valorant is better than CSGO in the same way a new car is better than an old classic: Comfort and looks.

Is Valorant easier Than CSGO?

All video games have a level of difficulty, some of them are too easy, others are much higher, even almost impossible. When we compare these two games, we think that their gameplay is similar, that their graphics offer a healthy competition, the controls are usually a bit similar, it depends on the configuration you have as well.

Valorant is more comfortable to play as the controls are more intuitive and the Autoaim bot makes most players’ life easier. Furthermore, CSGO is way too settled in the esports scene; making it hard to get to the top, while Valorant is relatively new, allowing some near-to-the-top CSGO pros to aim for the 1st spot in this new game; and, of course, several new players to get a career opportunity in a brand new esport.

Valorant Vs CSGO

Esports League and Sponsorships

These games are very important worldwide, it goes without saying that there are many participants and agents involved in the operation of these great games.

From the people who carry out the tournaments, develop the games, to those who play them. This world of eSports is a world where there is a lot of activity, therefore large amounts of money are moved. This means that there are a lot of sponsors that bet on these two.

The Valorant videogame has a classification of players according to their performance, which divides them into levels, these levels are iron, bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, immortal, and Radiant, from bottom to top.

Furthermore, Valorant has several sponsors, for example, Movistar, and of course their mother company, Riot Games.

Periodically, national or local events are being held in different countries, which define the representatives of that area, so that they can later go to the world championship representing their country. There have also been opportunities to see games between CSGO players vs. Valorant players.

On the CSGO side, there is also a gigantic number of users and sponsors that give life to this video game. Just like Valorant, several leagues are constantly held, and various tournaments are also organized worldwide in search of representatives for the countries.

CSGO is older and is already established, making teams and pro players to be almost fixed. Valorant, on the other hand, is a new world, giving a space for new companies to enter the world of esports.

Valorant Vs. CSGO: Betting Opportunities

When it comes to betting, both games are great options. Nevertheless, since the CSGO esports scene is more settled, most results are somehow predictable, especially through the odds.

CSGO betting websites aimed at online sports betting, which has also been carried over to regular bookmakers, where you can bet on individual matches, and even on larger events.

The same thing goes for Valorant betting, except that several new names keep showing up, making a lot of “underdog bets” available.

Betting advice? Stick to the game you like more and know better. If you want to have fun betting or may be interested in making a career out of it, Valorant is sure a nice option to get started. If you want to go all-in to the soup of pro players you will find betting on CSGO as a more stable option.