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From the creators of the summoner’s rift, a nexus of new conflict arrived in 2019 sending us to a whole new level of FPS gaming. Valorant is a bold answer to the question “what if RIOT did other games?” and so Valorant betting tips turned out to be, as expected, of much help.

To bet on Valorant turned out to be easy as several esports pros such as Freakazoid and ScreaM have migrated from CSGO, R6, and CoD. Besides, Valorant gambling  and Valorant skin gambling are  expected to follow the usual CoD and CSGO markets soon.

Valorant Betting tips

The first thing we have to do to bet on Valorant is to know the current metagame. Understand how each character works, their skills, the maps. All this will allow us to make a bet more calmly because we will know a variety of aspects of the game.

The metagame is composed of several important factors. The characters are of utmost importance since they all have skills that could determine the strength or weakness of other heroes in the game. Before betting, analyze all the characters, and get the most out of each one.

Maps also play an important role. Increasingly, maps can be seen as one of the most important elements in games of this style. Learn them and analyze how each character could use them to his advantage.

The last thing we can mention as Valorant betting tips are the players and teams of Valorant. At the moment of betting this is something that we cannot ignore since they are the ones that will mainly allow us to win a bet. Analyze and study both players and teams whenever possible.

Follow the esports scene

Let’s say that there are two metas, the in-game one and the scene one. Most Valorant betting sites will offer you odds in advance which tell you who is more likely going to win a match or advance in a tournament. Nevertheless, there is a huge advantage in knowing what is happening in the scene before you bet.

Follow esports news channels and esports betting tipsters to get a higher chance of winning! Also, you can get important information from sites where esports betting is a trend. These usually have blogs in which they advise weekly to delve into a world that is growing. You can also stay up-to-date with the metagame and esports news on twitch, Reddit, and such.

GameDate & Tournament
Teams & Odds
Bet Now
American Odds Format:
22/07/2024 07:00
Challengers League 2024 Philippines: Split 2
Oasis Gaming
22/07/2024 09:00
Challengers League 2024 Philippines: Split 2
NAOS Esports
ZOL Esports
22/07/2024 09:00
Game Changers 2024 Southeast Asia: Stage 2
Xipto Esports
22/07/2024 12:00
Game Changers 2024 Southeast Asia: Stage 2
Invincible GC
Cardboard Dinosaur
22/07/2024 20:00
Game Changers 2024 Brazil: Series 2
Team Liquid Brazil
22/07/2024 20:00
Challengers League 2024 North America: Stage 2
22/07/2024 23:00
Game Changers 2024 Brazil: Series 2
TBS e-Sports FEM
22/07/2024 23:00
Challengers League 2024 North America: Stage 2
Oxygen Esports
SaD Esports
23/07/2024 07:30
Game Changers 2024 Japan: Split 2
Reignite Lily
23/07/2024 09:00
Game Changers 2024 Southeast Asia: Stage 2

Where can I bet on Valorant?

Choosing esports bookmakers can be a problem. However, we will leave you with some of the most prominent options on the market so that you have several options to bet on Valorant with peace of mind. So, before choosing an esports bookmaker, make sure to check out their license, compare odds with other Valorant betting sites, and review their bonus offers, conditions, and limits. With this, you would be more than ready to start betting.

At Esportsbettingtipster we offer you the best recommendations to avoid scams and make the most out of 100% legal promotions out there. Esports betting sites such as Unikrn, Betway, Bet365, and GG.Bet is widely trusted and part of our top bookmakers.

But, knowing where to bet is just the tip of the iceberg! Keep reading and find out what betting markets arise when you try to open a bet on Valorant.

Valorant Betting markets

Being an FPS, Valorant shares a few betting markets with games such as CSGO and CoD, as you will find in most esports betting tips. Despite this, RIOT’s FPS has some unique betting options based on the characters’ role distribution. Know these, and you will take good advantage of your betway bonus on Valorant bets.

Commonly found betting markets:

  • Total number of rounds played
  • First kill of the game
  • Increased number of kills
  • Biggest killing spree
  • Increased attendance
  • Winner of the round
  • Winner of the game
  • Weapons of choice
  • Characters picked


Valorant Top Tournaments

Valorant entered the esports scene in 2020, which wasn’t a good year for anyone to enter anywhere, but, luckily the game has such a good backup that it reached high-end milestones within major esports gaming titles. Among its best, and now most important tournaments to place your GG.Bet bonus will be:

Ignition Series

Organized by RIOT games in partnership with content creators, fans, and teams, the Ignition series was launched in June 2020 to provide a base for the game’s esports scene.

This “league” was a showing series, so it was formed by several minor tournaments that welcomed esports enthusiasts from both League of Legend and other FPS. The prize pools were varied, from $5000 to $50.000, and tournaments took place around the world.

Valorant Versus & First Strike

The Valorant Versus is the LATAM extension of the first Ignition series, and, surprisingly, one of the most powerful events that took place in the esports scene in 2020. The tournament was organized by RIOT and the LVP (Liga de Videojugos Profesionales) and is giving $30.000 to the first champion!

On the other hand, the First Strike tournament was the first shoot given to qualify top teams for the main tournament, in which several CoD and CSGO professionals participated. This tournament had great numbers in Europe and LATAM; while Valorant betting Australia turned out to get a great response.

Valorant Champions Tour

The Valorant Champions Tour is the next step forward the esports scene for Valorant bets. The overall format works just as it does for the League of Legends Worlds, uniting small leagues from all the world’s regions into a massive brawl of FPS experts. The first delivery of this tournament is expected for 2021, and will probably be one of the best esports tournaments to watch for in the next years!

Valorant Bets

Final words and betting tips

Valorant is one of the games that will be growing in the coming years. Its peak of fame is yet to come and there is still a long way to go. While the 2020 didn’t treat the overall esports scene well, tournaments, stars, special events, all these came together to show some great numbers!

The markets already have their eyes on this important FPS of Riot Games! The ignition series closed 2020 with over 9 million of watched hours on streaming, a total prize pool of almost half million dollars, and a viewer’s peak of over 170.000 users! Don’t wait for the hype to fade! Try your Valorant betting tips at the best esports betting sites and make sure to take the most out of the experience.