VCT Challengers Predictions & Betting Tips

We’re already in stage 3 of Challengers! And Valorant fans and professional players couldn’t be more excited for this opportunity. So, if you’re an enthusiast of Riot Games’ video game, we invite you to keep digging through VCT Challengers predictions. In this section, you will find the best VCT Challengers betting tips to come out on top at the end of stage 3, which is taking place right now.

VCT Schedule & Format

The format of play during this 2021 Challengers tournament consists of the classification of the teams in open and closed elections, according to the region to which the teams belong. Then, the top 8 teams will be selected from the open qualifiers. Of course, the top teams will lead.

Once the teams in the corresponding games are debated, the winners advance to the EMEA Challengers in their qualifiers.

The teams that will be able to advance to the playoffs, which would be stage 3, will depend on the region they come from:

  • EU teams: 4 teams for the first event, 2 teams for the second event. In total, 6 European teams would participate.
  • Teams from Turkey: 2 teams for the first event, 1 team for the second event. There would be 3 Turkish teams.
  • CIS teams: 2 teams for the first event and 1 for the second event. As with Turkey, there are 3 CIS teams in total.

The modality of the games goes from the first to a second phase. In the third, the playoffs are held and from the beginning, those interested will be able to bet with their knowledge on VCT Masters predictions, which has a similar format to Challengers.

The first phase has already closed, while the second phase is about to start to unleash the third phase, so stay tuned for VCT Challengers betting tips!

Upcoming VCT Challengers tournaments

The first stage opened with open qualifiers, starting in the first phase from June 28 to June 30, while the second phase started on June 30 and ended on July 2.

The second phase, which is the second open qualifiers, starts this July 20 and ends on July 22, while the closed qualifiers end on July 24.

Finally, you will be able to value betting on your favorite teams in the Stage 3 qualifiers, which start in August. The first winner of the playoffs can win up to €32,500, the second-place winner will win €15,000 and the third-place winner will win €10,000.

Predictions and best bets for VCT

This tournament will be broadcast and valid for users from the Commonwealth of the Independent States, Europe, and Turkey.

Of course, we have to set aside the most outstanding VCT Challengers predictions since the beginning of the tournament, as the competition has been quite close from the start.

But before we launch the VCT Challengers predictions, we inform you where you can enjoy the exciting qualifiers of phase 3.

On the official VCT platform, you can find the links that will direct you to It should be noted that there are links for each region, with the tournament being broadcast in up to 9 languages of the European region. On Valorant’s YouTube channel you will also have access to the broadcast and in English.

Now, that stage 3 is approaching, which is the most important of the tournament, you will surely want to bet on the best teams, which are the most profitable betting possibilities. But first, let’s get to know who have positioned themselves as the best players for this third stage.

VCT Challengers Predictions

Teams leading VCT Challengers Stage 3

The list of the qualified groups was revealed by Nerd Street Gamers and Battelfy. The first character we see is Shroud, one of Valorant Cloud9’s star players and there is also CSGO’s Relyks, another professional CSGO player, Laski, and content creator iiTzTimmy.

These players will have to beat teams that are the betting favorites, such as ez5 and Ghost Gaming.

In the second list of the group, the teams referred for valorant betting are TSM, Dark Zero, and ANDBOX, three teams that are in a tight competition for the first place and a big prize. In the third list, we find teams T1, Built By Gamers, and Renegades.

The highest bidders can invest their trust in these teams that have shown they have everything to win. In the end, they will have to compete alongside other famous opponents, such as Cloud9 Blue, NRG, Luminosity, Evil Geniuses, and Complexity.

That said, before you throw your chips in for sure, consider watching each of the Twitch streams and decide which team has the skills to take the top prize at the end of the playoffs. Our opinion? FaZe Clan shines as the best alternative.