Virtual Sports Betting Tips, Games and Strategies

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virtual sports betting tips

Virtual sports betting seems like an odd new world to most enthusiasts like you, so we decided to write down the basics and give you some extra virtual sports betting tips to help you lose all fear of this great way to bet against reality.

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What are virtual sports?

Virtual sports have a certain relationship with traditional sports. They are created as a variation of the already famous fantasy sports taking their touch of authenticity from the real events. The difference is that in this type of sport no person participates directly. Everything is done based on software, which is in charge of configuring certain scenarios so that each event can follow several rules.

When seen in this way you can determine this type of event is located within traditional sports and casino games. Basically, you will be playing some sort of complicated roulette where odds incorporate some statistics instead of just being random.

But other key points deserve to be highlighted. When it comes to betting, virtual sports offer a much wider pool of options than traditional sports, especially since they will be available at any time of the day. Best of all, the feeling is quite similar. People are just as attracted to them as if they were making a traditional bet, but with a lot of additional options that allow them to create a more personalized scenario.

However, don’t take as a fact that everything is fictional. As we said before, the data used to feed virtual sports algorithms is based on real statistics, it is not created by software and it follows the traditional rules of sports. In this regard, your local soccer team will probably not stand a chance against bigger clubs in virtual sports betting tips here either.

Virtual sports vs. esports

As we have just mentioned, virtual sports are created based on traditional sports such as soccer or basketball. The same rules are followed and real statistics are used with the difference that everything is handled by software and people have little to do with it.

In theory, you are seeing a computerized sport that is the result of the different technological advances that have been made over the years.

On the other hand, we have esports. Even though its fame is from the last decade, esports have been among us for more than 20 years now. The main difference when comparing esports with virtual sports is simple:

  • Esports are based on games that are played by people, not by computers.

For a clearer example, you can see games like League of Legends or Valorant where pro players play a character and try to win with the help of their team or individually. This is not something that happens in virtual sports, since in this case human participation is vital and luck plays a minimum role.

Virtual sports vs. virtual esports

Just like virtual sports simulate traditional sports scenarios and give out a nice “match” to bet in, virtual esports betting does the very same, but with gaming titles. The games are not controlled by people, in this case, so that the odds change drastically when RNG and statistics take place replacing the usual pro players.

On the other hand, you will hardly find Virtual sports betting tips on League of Legends or Dota 2. Virtual esports betting focuses more on games like Street Fighter V and CSGO which are easier to add to an algorithm. Making our Unikrn review, we found out that betting on Virtual Street Fighter V offers various betting markets there.

On the other hand, it is important to mention that these bets are not available worldwide. The latter is due to gambling regulations that govern countries. Each has different laws and therefore, betting may or may not be allowed.

For example, virtual betting (both sports and esports) is forbidden in a nice part of the USA.

virtual sports betting football

Are virtual sports legal?

A lot of controversies have surrounded virtual sports over the years. This is because in many cases it has been categorized as an illegal activity –Mostly given the fact that many people believe that betting on this type of event should not be allowed.

However, in the vast majority of countries, this is legal and is allowed as long as the requirements imposed by law are met. Apart from that, there are no problems with virtual sports.

But it is important to mention that countries like the United States do not allow this type of games in several states. Iran and Iraq are not in favor of this type of betting either, and North Korea does not accept it either.

Best virtual sports games available

As you might expect, virtual sports also have their favorites. With their growing popularity, many people have chosen to opt for one or another sport instead of accepting all of them at once.

The same has happened with esports bookmakers such as Betway, Bet365, Unikrn, or, who have chosen to add virtual sports to their bookmarks. Although most sports are available within virtual sports betting sites, you can see what the users’ preferences are.

Virtual Football Soccer is at the top of virtual sports games listings. Countries such as the United Kingdom, Malta, and Spain tend to have large numbers of bettors in this virtual sport. In the United States, in the few states where Virtual betting is allowed, baseball is one of the most popular virtual sports games.

However, in countries such as France, Italy, and Sweden a peculiar sport is quite striking: horse racing.

This is something that bookmakers take advantage of. So, to name a few, TonyBet, 22Bet, and LeoVegas are excellent options for virtual sports betting.

Virtual sports betting tips

Virtual sports cannot be taken for granted. It is quite difficult to achieve a good result in several cases so it is important to know the most important tips to be able to place a bet without losing money.

Keep in mind that, even when some real sports statistics come into play, the RNG factor makes everything unpredictable. So, take prevision for virtual sports as you would do for roulette instead of traditional betting.

Take advantage of the bonuses

Taking advantage of bonuses can greatly increase our earnings. In general, by increasing your bet with bonuses you can earn more money than you had originally planned –the Betway bonus is great for this.

However, it is important to read carefully how to redeem the bonuses in question since you could end up spending more money than you had in mind.

Know the odds when you bet

Odds are always something to keep in mind on a mandatory basis. This is something that in any type of bet should be known because that way you can make a safer bet. Getting carried away with flashy odds can be expensive so it is best to play it safe at all times.

On the other hand, sports and esports betting tips are still part of the algorithm, so make sure to know the players before betting.

The RNG 50/50 trick

There is a trick commonly used in roulette and slots that is tied to the RNG betting issue; this can be considered as virtual betting tips as well. If a game is based on rounds, you can raise your bet after a loss; in this case, the RNG chances are 50/50 so, statistically speaking, you may just have a better chance of winning right after losing.

Choose a well-known site

Choosing a site that is well known not only assures us a safe bet but also you can choose to have more sports available and with it, more ways to win due to a large number of bets available.

Always look for virtual sports betting sites and bookmakers like the ones mentioned above and that way you will be able to have a bet not only safe but with enough options to make it.

virtual sports betting tips

Virtual Sports Betting FAQ

In general terms, they work in a similar way to traditional betting. You choose a certain team on which to bet. The main difference is that an algorithm comes in with an RNG making the results more unpredictable.

Virtual sports and virtual esports betting are based on software. So, they can be fixed if you play on a site or bookmaker that is not regulated. Nevertheless, legally established virtual sports betting sites will guarantee you that there is a fair game and the RNG is not fixed.

A virtual sport is the sum of the programming process. The software considers in most cases both an RNG factor and real players’ statistics to throw a fair, but unpredictable result.

Virtual sports betting are available at all time. Since no human action is needed for the events to happen these betting options work more like Casino Games than sports betting when it comes to service.

Generally, you can use traditional payment methods. Depending on the bookmaker of your choice you will be able to make deposits and withdrawals on Bank transfers, Credit cards, Cryptocurrencies, and some eWallets.