Vitality vs Red Reserve – Match Analysis for the ESEA MDL Season 30 Europe

Posted on February 5, 2019 - Last Updated on August 27, 2020

Vitality and Red Reserve will battle it out in the ESEA MDL Season 30 Europe. French roster wants to advance through this league, and at the moment, they are on the right track. On the other hand, Red Reserve is nowhere to be found as of late, and their team of failed tier 1 players is not doing so good in the last couple of months.

ESEA MDL Season 30 Europe

At the moment, Red Reserve only played one game in ESEA MDL Season 30 Europe. A game against Movistar Riders, where they had a 14-5 lead. Somehow, they were able to throw that lead and eventually, lose the game in overtime. This defeat most certainly crushed their morale, and I can see them struggling in their next ESEA MDL Season 30 Europe matches.

Vitality played 3 games in the league. They won all three of their bouts, and they won it convincingly. At the moment, they cemented them on the second spot of ESEA MDL Season 30 Europe. However, they have a stunning +31 round difference to their name, which basically means that they are crushing their opponents. They have left Virtus.Pro with only 2 rounds to their name, while Izako Boars were able to win 4. However, AGO made is slightly competitive, as they were able to put 11 rounds on the board.

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Vitality is in a great form lately. They have 5 victories in a row. If we add that they won their last three best-of-3 series without dropping a map, that makes Vitality even more impressive. They are also coming off from a victory on WePlay! Lock and Load, where they dominated teams like HellRaisers, OpTic, and pro100.

On the other hand, Red Reserve is in a bit of a slump. Even though they have 3 victories in their last 5 bouts, this does not impress me at all. They lost two of their last matches to Movistar Riders and Windigo. However, they were able to beat LDLC and EURONICS. Lastly, they were able to win a map against AGO in a best-of-2 series.


Since this is a match-up related to a league, we already know that Mirage is going to be played.

Let’s start with Red Reserve. A lot of their games have been played on Mirage. However, they had mixed results on this map. They won Mirage 8 times, but they suffered a defeat 9 times. At the moment, they have two straight defeats on this map. Overall they have 2 victories in their last 5 matches on Mirage. Furthermore, they were stomped by a lot of these teams. They won 4 rounds against Windigo, and 9 against Vexed, Valiance, and 3DMAX. They are also winning a lot more rounds on the CT-side of Mirage.

Vitality played Mirage for a total of 19 times in the last three months. This was their go-to map alongside Dust 2 in the recent matches. In their last 5 matches on Mirage, Vitality was able to acquire 4 wins and only one defeat. However, the game they lost, against North, could have gone either way. Overall, Vitality was able to best their opponents on Mirage 13 times, while they found themselves on a losing end for a total of 6 times.


You can probably see where I am going with this match-up. Vitality is most definitely in a better form. Throughout the entire last week, Zywoo averaged a 1.60 rating. However, you need to keep in mind that even though Zywoo is an extraordinary player, there are other players on Vitality roster that can carry the game themselves. Furthermore, Vitality is all fired up, and they definitely have momentum on their side, since they are coming off from a dominant run on WePlay! Lock and Load.

Secondly, Mirage is heavily favoring Vitality in this one. They have been terrorizing anyone on this map, and it seems like Zywoo really enjoys playing this map. Also, they have a very strong record on Mirage, especially against stronger teams, and the same can not be said about Red Reserve, who are not good enough on Mirage, and their latest results prove that.

In conclusion for our CSGO Betting Predictions, Vitality has better individuals, map selection is definitely going in their favor. And on top of it all, they caught fire and Vitality has momentum on their side. I believe that Vitality will dominate Red Reserve, and if they are able to get that CT-side start, we might see a really fast ending to this game.

Betting prediction: Round handicap, Vitality(-5.5)
Odds: 1.74
Bookmaker: GGBet

Date: February 5th, 18:00 CEST


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