Zotac Cup Masters 2018 Betting Tips

Posted on July 29, 2018 - Last Updated on August 24, 2020

If you’re looking for Zotac Cup Masters betting tips, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll take a look at the event, the participating teams, and the best betting opportunities throughout the event.

Before we get into the nitty gritty details, we’ll first provide an overview of the event so that you know when it goes live and where you can watch it.

The Zotac Cup Masters 2018 tournament is an event with a $300,000 prize pool and a team lineup that you wouldn’t usually expect from such a large event. This presents some interesting betting opportunities that we’ll get into later.

Once the Zotac Cup Masters 2018 tournament goes live, you can watch it below.

The groups for Zotac Cup Masters 2018 hasn’t been announced yet, but the event will run from August 24 to August 26. With eight teams involved, it’ll start with an initial elimination stage on day 1. Day 2 and 3 will be the playoffs. Below is an overview of the schedule.

Initial Elimination Rounds – August 24

  • All Matches Best of Three
  • 4 Teams Will Move To The Playoffs

Semi Finals – August 25

  • Matches will be Best of Three

Grand Final – August 26

  • Grand Final will be Best of Five

Below is an overview of the teams that are participating in the Zotac Cup Masters 2018 tournament.

  • MIBR (Invited)
  • OpTic (Invited)
  • TyLoo (Invited)
  • Virtus.Pro (Invited)
  • VG.FlashGaming (Invited)
  • MVP PK (Asian Qualifier)
  • Ghost Gaming (NA Qualifier)
  • Kinguin (EU Qualifier)

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Who to bet on in the Zotac Cup Masters 2018 Tournament


There’s quite a mixed bag as far as the team lineup goes for this event, so you’ll need to carefully select which games to bet on. Thankfully, all matches are best of threes, with the exception of the grand final, which is a BO5. This means there will be less room for upsets.

The best betting strategy for the Zotac Cup Masters tournament is to start by making bets on the top teams during the elimination stage on day 1. Below are some suggestions.

  • It’s safe to say that OpTic should come out on top no matter who their competition is.
  • MIBR sound like a safe bet, but their performance has been somewhat unpredictable. We’d suggest avoiding them.
  • TyLoo versus any other Asian team is a good bet. TyLoo is almost a tier 1 team and they get constant scrim practice against other Asian teams.
  • Bet against Virtus.Pro in almost all cases. VP has performed horrendously in 2018 and now they’ve lost Snax, arguably their best player.

Once the elimination stage is up, we should see OpTic and TyLoo make it into the playoffs. The other two spots are hard to predict. The safe thing to do during the playoffs is to make bets on both TyLoo and OpTic against their competition.

If TyLoo and OpTic come up against each other, we would suggest avoiding the bet entirely. The two teams haven’t played against each other enough, and they are relatively close in terms of CS:GO team world rankings. It would be a very risky bet to make.

Thank you for reading our Zotac Cup Masters 2018 betting tips article. We hope that these tips will be useful.


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